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AJ Styles Discusses His Comeback and Future Goals in WWE for 2024

One Big Thing

AJ Styles, a prominent figure in WWE, has candidly expressed his determination to make a significant impact in the company in 2024 after feeling sidelined for much of 2023.

Key Details

  • AJ Styles returned to WWE in December 2023, showcasing his growth in physical and mental resilience.
  • After a notable participation in the WWE Undisputed Universal Championship four-way at the Royal Rumble, Styles is set for a major match against Cody Rhodes for the WWE Undisputed Title at Backlash 2024.
  • In an interview with FOX News Digital, Styles shared insights on his journey, emphasizing his readiness to “rock” in WWE this year.
  • Styles and Rhodes have unique, yet somewhat parallel career paths, with both wrestlers having proven themselves outside of WWE before making significant returns.
  • About his 2023 setbacks, Styles mentioned, “I think I spent enough time letting other people get their chance. I was barely there, honestly.”
  • He also revealed his comprehensive approach to making a comeback, focusing on improving his body, diet, and workout regimen.

Why It Matters

AJ Styles’ resurgence and ambitious outlook for 2024 symbolize not only a personal comeback but also hint at a potentially transformative period for WWE’s storytelling and in-ring competition. Styles’ matchup against Cody Rhodes, a wrestler with a mirrored trajectory of proving one’s worth outside WWE, encapsulates the evolving nature of wrestling’s top-tier talent pool. This rivalry underlines the importance of adaptability and perseverance in a highly competitive environment, showcasing how wrestlers’ journeys outside WWE contribute to the richness of the narrative and competition within the brand.

Looking Ahead

As AJ Styles gears up for his headline match at Backlash 2024, the wrestling world watches with anticipation. Will Styles’ revamped focus and determination pave the way for one of the most memorable years in his illustrious career? Moreover, how will this drive impact WWE’s overall dynamic as it continues to integrate stars with diverse backgrounds and wrestling pedigrees into its narrative?

What are your thoughts on AJ Styles’ comeback and his determination to redefine his status in WWE in 2024? Share your views in the comments below.

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