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Bray Wyatt May Not End Up In AEW, Daniel Bryan’s Future

Bray Wyatt was released from his WWE contract on Saturday, July 31 reportedly due to budget cuts, but the belief is that Bray’s WWE release had nothing to do with budget cuts nor does it have anything to do with his mental health. Wyatt’s WWE release is believed to be the case of Wyatt and the WWE having creative differences as despite Wyatt being advertised for several shows prior to his WWE release and the WWE reportedly having pitches for his supposed return, the promotion had nothing for Wyatt moving forward and they could not agree on his WWE future.

Dave Meltzer noted on a recent edition of the Wrestling Observer Radio Program that Bray Wyatt was on his way to AEW and since Bray Wyatt is still under a 90-day non-compete clause with the WWE, which is set to expire on Friday, October 29th, which is just a few days prior to AEW’s Full Gear PPV Event on Saturday, November 6th, Wyatt would only be able to sign with the company after this date.

According to Bryan Alvarez on a recent edition of the Bryan and Vinny Show, a number of people in AEW have reached out to him and have told him that they are unaware that Bray Wyatt was on his way to All Elite Wrestling, but it doesn’t mean he won’t be going there nor does it mean that he will be heading there. Alvarez also said that this isn’t the same situation like CM Punk and Daniel Bryan, where they were almost 100% sure that they are going to AEW. Alvarez then said he is not saying it won’t happen, but his gut tells him that Bray Wyatt will not be heading to AEW unlike Daniel Bryan, who is a little less than 100% sure to be heading there.

This is what Bryan Alvarez said:

“On the Wrestling Observer Radio show with Garrett, I don’t know the exact wording that Dave used but he seemed to indicate that Bray Wyatt was going to AEW. What I can tell you about this, I am not saying that Dave is wrong. He may be right and it may happen but, as soon as that show went up I started getting text messages and they were from people in AEW. It was not Tony Khan. These were people that probably should know and they were like ‘did Dave say that Bray is coming?’ And I said, ‘I don’t know, I didn’t do the show, I haven’t heard it yet.’ Essentially, they were unaware of this. Again, I am not saying that Bray isn’t going or that Dave is wrong. Dave may know something that they don’t know, which would be sort of weird. But that’s the story right now.”

“What I think I can safely say is I do not believe it is a guarantee that Bray Wyatt is going to AEW. Maybe he will, maybe he won’t. To me, this is not like CM Punk where CM Punk was going to AEW and I’m like 99.9999 percent sure that Bryan Danielson is going to AEW. I would not say anything resembling that for Bray Wyatt. I’m not saying it’s not gonna happen, maybe it will but I would put it at much less than 99.9999 percent at this point.”

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