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Brian Danielson Talks About His Match W/ Takeshita From This Week’s Dynamite—Has High Praise For Japanese Star

WWE is in serious turmoil right about now some would say. Of course there are those that would say that these goings on are nothing for a company such as they, and they will make it through this period like all the other disasters from the past, but the uncertainty is getting to many out there.

Many at the company fear for their jobs and some perhaps even regret being called back to the company. This all despite the fact that rumors on the internet over the last few months stated that wrestlers that had jumped ship to AEW from WWE had regretted their decisions. To quote the late, great Rick Rude, “Oh what a difference a day makes!”

One man who perhaps doesn’t regret the fact that he jumped ship and went to work for the other side is none other than “The American Dragon,” Bryan Danielson (Danielson left WWE after a long, successful career with the company in favor of starting up with AEW in 2021).

Well at the time that was a shock in its own right, many believing that day would never have come, and his move to AEW was a massive blow to WWE, who had benefited from his pro wrestling skills for years.

He has been a massive addition to AEW’s roster and has had a plethora of great matches, and that seems to be continuing…he is of course slated to have many epic matches in the upcoming weeks…. In the storyline he must win all of his upcoming matches in order to get the opportunity to face MJF for the AEW World Heavyweight Championship.

Danielson doesn’t seem to mind though, because he gets to do what he signed on with AEW to do, which was wrestle epic talents week after week, and on a lighter schedule no less. Here’s some of what he had to say shortly after signing with AEW in 2021 on why he joined the company:

“I loved where I worked before and I’m very grateful. I’m one of the people who loved where they worked before and still left, and there’s a couple of reasons why…One, the incredible talent that’s here in AEW. One of the reasons that makes it so appealing to come to AEW is because of the work these men (pointing to Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy) the last two years…

It’s because of the people who have been here since day one, from the people who came here early and believed in AEW. I’m talking about Chris Jericho who came here from day one. I’m talking about Jon Moxley who came here. I’m talking about young men and women who are busting their asses on the independent circuit…

AEW gave them a chance and boy have these guys delivered…I am a wrestler. I never left wrestling, I took wrestling wherever I went, I said wrestling when I wasn’t supposed to say wrestling and now I am here to Goddamn wrestle!”

-via TJR Wrestling

These comments have reflected quite nicely in the way he has conducted business since joining the ranks in AEW. He has had a massive amount of truly epic matches and his recent match with Konosuke Takeshita is no exception. In fact, it too was a masterpiece.

via AEW /YouTube

It turns out that Danielson felt the very same way shortly after their match this past week on Dynamite and spoke favorably of the 27 year old Japanese star. Here’s some of what he had to say on that matter while speaking to AEW’s Japanese Twitter Account:

“I was really looking forward to it…I’d heard a lot people who had wrestled all over the world when they wrestled Takeshita, they said, ‘Oh man, that guy is great’ … He looks so good, it looks like he hits so hard, but I want to feel it. It’s one of the things I love about wrestling is feeling it out there and when we got out there…

And he hit me with the first forearm, I felt it. I felt this guy is special and I have been in the ring with some of the best wrestlers in the world, some of the best wrestlers of all time, and I think, by the end, we’re going to be talking about Takeshita the same way.”

-via Wrestling Inc.

via AEW Japanese Twitter

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