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Britt Baker On Her Heel Character, Breaking Her Nose, More

One of the top stars in the Women’s Division of All Elite Wrestling, Britt Baker, recently was a guest on Chris Jericho’s Talk is Jericho podcast, where she talked about a number of things including her heel character, breaking her nose on national television and more.

Below are the highlights from the interview:

On her heel character:

“There was a lot of ideas about which direction the character should go. I wasn’t feeling or connecting with any of those ideas until I cut a quick promo on Riho backstage at the New Year’s Day Show. Some twitter links had been sent to me about how it resembled Chris Jericho’s WCW self-proclaimed babyface, self-proclaimed role model, condescending. So, I watched hours of that.

I texted Tony, I think January 3rd, in at an insane hour of the night, and of course he was awake. I pitched the idea going off your character and he loved it…That’s when I talked to you and asked if this would work or it would be a bust. You said yes, I think you should go for it. So, I pick your brain every week in some capacity for help to make this succeed. Cody Rhodes has been a huge help, along with you and Tony to make this heel character click and make it be something that gets over with the fans.”

Getting her nose broken on national television and Chris Jericho saying “as blood streams down your face” on commentary:

“With the help of your quote, it became one of the first ever T-Shirt of the week in Pro Wrestling Tees history…I asked Ryan from Pro Wrestling Tees if he thought a shirt with blood would sell or is that weird and people don’t want to see women with blood. He said, no, I think it would sell…He said he would get it tonight, and he did. I don’t know who designs what there, but they are so fast. They have stuff in minutes sometimes. It was up the next day. I checked in on him and asked him if it was selling. He said let me check. He said holy shit, it’s the top seller right now.”

You can check out Britt Baker’s full interview in the embed below:

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