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Bryan Danielson Opens Up About Retirement Before AEW Dynasty Showdown with Will Ospreay

One Big Thing

Bryan Danielson, ahead of a landmark match with Will Ospreay at AEW Dynasty, discusses his approach towards retirement and his passion for wrestling beyond a full-time career.

Key Moments

  • Danielson is slated to face Ospreay in what’s being touted as a first-time dream match, highlighting a series of “firsts” since his AEW debut in 2021.
  • Despite contemplating the end of his full-time wrestling career, Danielson is adamant about not retiring fully unless forced by medical reasons.
  • He expressed excitement about facing Ospreay, whom he considers the “modern evolution of wrestling,” at the upcoming AEW Dynasty event.

Why It Matters

Bryan Danielson’s comments shed light on the resilience and passion of veteran wrestlers towards their craft, even as they near the end of their full-time in-ring careers. His determination to keep wrestling on his own terms, coupled with his anticipation of high-caliber matches like the one against Ospreay, underline the evolving nature of professional wrestling. This balance between personal fulfillment and professional ambition exemplifies the mindset of seasoned athletes in the wrestling industry.

Direct Quote

“After I am no longer wrestling full-time, that will be different,” Danielson told Sports Illustrated. “Unless something happens medically, I’ll never retire… Now, expect the best. That’s what you’re going to get at Dynasty.”

Final Thoughts

Danielson’s commitment to wrestling, regardless of his career stage, not only showcases his love for the sport but also hints at how retired or semi-retired wrestlers can still significantly contribute to the industry. As Danielson edges closer to reducing his in-ring activities, his fans and fellow wrestlers alike will be keenly watching his next moves, inside and outside the squared circle.

Do you think Bryan Danielson’s approach to retirement and match selection sets a new standard for veteran wrestlers? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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