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Bryan Danielson Reveals Plans for Retiring Full-Time Pro-Wrestling Career

AEW Collision recently witnessed Bryan Danielson finally opening up about his future plans in professional wrestling. It was hinted around two years ago when Bryan decided to step away from his WWE career as Daniel Bryan and re-embrace his real name in AEW.

The celebrated American Dragon, with over 20 years of professional wrestling experience and 12 years in WWE, did not hold back during the AEW Collision event in Cleveland. He expressed his decision to “start finishing up on my career” when his six-year-old daughter turns seven, which indicates that time is running out for his remarkable wrestling run.

Before stepping away though, the 42-year-old veteran with five-time WWE World Champion title, a two-time WrestleMania main eventer, and obviously a future Hall of Famer promises an epic final year. He shared his fervent intent to fight the cyclops and “kick everybody’s head in”.

Danielson is currently calling his shots and has named his next: a dream match against Zack Sabre Jr. at WrestleDream in Seattle, Washington – his home state. This much-anticipated meet-up of Danielson and NJPW World TV Champion, Sabre Jr., has fans excited for what’s in store for AEW WrestleDream PPV.

This reveal has been corroborated by multiple sources close to the situation, as reported by Sports Illustrated’s Justin Barrasso. Post his retirement from full-time wrestling, Danielson would potentially continue to serve AEW as a part-time wrestler.

Since stepping back to spend more time with family, including wife Brie Bella and their two children, Danielson has reduced his wrestling schedule significantly. Still, he has remained a potent force within AEW, taking on significant roles behind the scenes and carving a noteworthy path for younger talent- behind as well as in front of the cameras.

His unwavering importance to AEW is further cemented by CEO & GM Tony Khan’s views. He once suggested that should anything happen to him, Danielson should be the one to take charge of the creative reigns of the company.

The American Dragon is expected to continue to impact AEW’s Collision significantly, and fans can look forward to his match against Zack Sabre Jr. at the AEW’s WrestleDream. With the clock ticking on his pro wrestling run, fans should relish the remaining time and the dream matches he promises to deliver.

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