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Changes Has Been Made To Daniel Bryan’s AEW Debut Date

Ever since Daniel Bryan’s WWE contract expired last April shortly after WrestleMania 37, not much has been said on if he would re-sign with the WWE or what his pro wrestling future holds, but he did note in a past interview that he would want to compete against talents from other promotions such as NJPW. Reports would then be made that Daniel Bryan is “100% locked in” to be making his way to AEW and that his AEW debut was scheduled to take place on Wednesday, September 22 during the Grand Slam episode of AEW Dynamite from Arthur Ashe Stadium in Queens, New York.

It was then reported several days ago that Daniel Bryan’s AEW debut will now be taking place a number of weeks earlier than scheduled and that will be at this Sunday’s All Out PPV. Bryan Alvarez noted on a recent edition of Wrestling Observer Live that he was told from a source in AEW that Daniel Bryan’s AEW debut will be at All Out, but he was also told from a very good source that it will be on the AEW Dynamite Grand Slam episode, so he can’t say that it is a 100% certainty that Daniel Bryan will debut at All Out because something could come up and things could change between now and Sunday’s PPV.

This is what Bryan Alvarez said:

“This is what I can tell you about Daniel Bryan. I have been told that he will debut at All Out. I will not say 99.999 percent [certainty]…I was told weeks and weeks ago that his debut is going to be in Queens [NY], from a very good source. It is now apparent he will not debut in Queens. There was a change. I believe there was a change. I believe that he is going to debut at All Out on Sunday but I will not give you a 99.9999 percent because something could come up where they decide, you know what let’s do it in New York…the story that as of a couple of days ago the plan was for Daniel Bryan was to debut at All Out, I will confirm that. That, at this point or at least a couple of days ago, that was the idea for Bryan Danielson.”

An in-ring segment took place during this past Wednesday’s episode of Dynamite, where CM Punk reacted to the crowd chanting “YES” and told them that those chants were somebody else’s shtick and that they just need to be patient and wait for a little bit longer, which could be considered a confirmation of Daniel Bryan signing with AEW.

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