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Chris Jericho on Possible Retirement?—‘Hacksaw’ Jim Duggan Update

Chris Jericho is still an active wrestler quite obviously, and in the last year he has shown no signs of slowing down. He isn’t where he used to be physically, no, but he’s definitely doing his best to stay in tip top shape. The matches have been pretty stellar, with a few hiccups along the way. But really, Jericho is delivering, and for a man in his early fifties, that’s something that should be respected for sure.

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The topic has come up though, if it isn’t time to hang up the boots and tights. The possibility came up in AEW during the Five Labors of Jericho, and after in the rematch with MJF, we almost lost him then. But we didn’t and he has passed into a feud most recently with Dan Lambert’s America’s Top Team. That didn’t go in Jericho’s favor either, but the question has come up again and Jericho seems to address it with ease in a recent interview he did with Talk Sport. On the subject of just who his last match might feature, he said:

“…No, it doesn’t matter (who it is) because if you look at my career, it’s always been about going out there and making great stuff out of what I’ve been given. It’s easy to have a final match against Shawn Michaels or The Undertaker. It’s easy to have a great final match with these great, great workers and to me; I won’t even know when it’s my final match. It’ll probably be someone like Marko Stunt. We’ll go out there, have a great match, tear the house down and I’ll go ‘You know what? That’s pretty much it’…”

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On his age, he said:

“…at 50 years old I’m aware that the time is short, but who’s to say how short it is? I still have ideas for stories. I still feel like my stuff is some of the best stuff on the show. The rating(s) that I draw are still high so I know I’m not wearing out my welcome, so to speak. So to me, when I start feeling like I’m not Chris Jericho, when I’m demeaning my legacy, then I’ll stop. But I’m not at that point right now…”


On retiring just yet and the amount of fun he’s having he said:

…I’m actually having a lot of fun and I’m super motivated and inspired by what we’re doing with AEW and the last thing I’d want to do is take myself out of the game when we continue to grow at such a huge level. I want to be there when we go to England. I want to be there when we go to Canada. I want to be there when we get our first two million rating, watching the show. I still feel I’m a very integral part of the show and have been since day one. I’m really enjoying it, I’m digging it, I love AEW and I have no plans of going anywhere else or doing anything else in the wrestling business other than being right here…”

via LOAD (Miami) /YouTube

Staying put seems to be his plan right now. It must be said the he is undoubtedly still quite the draw, legend that he is, and that doesn’t seem to be slowing down…that momentum and relationship he has with his fan base, and really, with legends like him, his fans are likely happy to see him coming to the ring with a walker…he’d still kick some royal butt.

But very much like the 5 Labors of Jericho story line we saw him in this year, it would make sense that his last match be someone from his past…preferably someone he came up with in the business, and that list can be both huge and pretty small…small enough to include one man in particular…and what a storm that would undoubtedly be should it happen.

Health update on “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan

It was reported this week that in-ring legend, “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan was rushed to hospital for an emergency surgery. The reason for the surgery is still unknown, but according to a tweet the legend sent out, he made it through just fine, thankfully.

“Hacksaw” became famous wrestling in WWE, a tremendous babyface for the company. Long time wrestling fans will remember his carrying the 2×4 to the ring, his patented “Ohhhhhh!” heard from his booming voice every time out. He also wrestled for WCW, Mid-South Wrestling, New Japan and so many others throughout his career.

According to, Duggan is a cancer survivor, battling and defeating the disease back in 1998. He also had surgery in 2019 for an irregular heartbeat. We here at Pro Wrestling News Hub wish him a speedy recovery and are beyond grateful that he made it through in good shape.

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