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CM Punk Says AEW Is A Viable Company But Not A Threat To WWE

AEW World Champion CM Punk, who is currently out of action due to an injury, appeared on “the Hashtag Show” to talk about how All Elite Wrestling is a viable promotion as well as a second place where pro wrestlers can work, but he doesn’t think AEW is a threat to the WWE.

This is what CM Punk said:

“It’s just a viable, healthy company. A second place where men and women can get paid to wrestle in ring on television. I know there’s people that think dynamite is the greatest thing in the world. There’s people that think dynamite isn’t good. People that think it’s, somewhere in the middle, it could be better. But because we’re having that conversation, I supposed pro wrestling is thriving.”

CM Punk also talked about how depending on the perspective of a wrestler that pro wrestling is either dying or thriving.

This is what CM Punk said:

“It depends on your perspective. It depends on how grumpy I am that day. You can go either way. You can say that, ‘Oh man, wrestling’s dying.’ Or you can say ‘Well look at it, it’s thriving.’” For the first time there’s a second company that’s viable and I’m not gonna say it’s a viable threat.”

You can check out CM Punk’s comments in the video below. H/T to SEScoops for transcribing the quotes.

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