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Cody Rhodes Reveals Key Lesson from Wrestling Business: Numbers Matter

One big thing

WWE Undisputed Champion Cody Rhodes emphasizes the importance of understanding numbers and viewership as a talent in the wrestling industry.

Why it matters

Rhodes’ insights highlight the shift in perspective from his time as an AEW executive to his current role as a WWE performer, underscoring the need for wrestlers to have a realistic view of their market impact.

The details

• Rhodes shared his thoughts on “The Pivot Podcast,” discussing the tendency for talent to become “delusional” about their success.

• He stresses the importance of knowing real metrics:
– Actual ticket sales
– Merchandise movement
– Social media engagement (beyond inflated numbers)
– Minute-by-minute ratings

• Rhodes revealed he consults John Cena for honest feedback on his merchandise sales:

“I get my merch sheet still of what I sold in the Garden, percentage and all this. I’ll tell you who I sent it to and I don’t send it to him as a ‘check it out,’ I send it to him because I know he’s going to tell me the truth is Cena.”

Between the lines

Rhodes’ approach shows a mature understanding of the business side of wrestling, likely influenced by his past executive role at AEW.

The bottom line

Understanding real performance metrics is crucial for wrestlers to gauge their true impact and value in the industry.

How do you think this understanding of business metrics affects a wrestler’s career decisions? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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