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Dale Oliver: Former TNA Composer’s Role in AEW’s Backstage Production Unveiled

In the ever-evolving landscape of professional wrestling, All Elite Wrestling (AEW) has been making strategic moves to enhance their production value and overall presentation. This includes recruiting talents behind the scenes that can contribute significantly to the brand’s growth. One such hiring that might have escaped the spotlight is that of Dale Oliver, a name that resonates with fans familiar with TNA (Total Nonstop Action) Wrestling’s history.

Dale Oliver, acclaimed for his work as a music composer for TNA, has reportedly been working with AEW for ‘quite some time.’ This information initially came to light when reports surfaced that Oliver was seen backstage at AEW events months ago. However, his involvement with the company appears to be more substantial than many realized.

Fightful Select shared that Oliver’s expertise is now a pivotal part of AEW’s production, as he is actively assisting with the music for AEW shows. The seasoned composer’s contributions are said to be stemming directly from the production truck, a nerve center where all the elements of a televised wrestling event are orchestrated. His impact on TNA was marked by creating some of the promotion’s most memorable theme songs, including that of wrestling icon AJ Styles, whose TNA entrance music was a fan-favorite.

Adding another layer to this family affair in wrestling production, Oliver’s son has also stepped into AEW’s fold. He is part of the team currently working out of Nashville, engaged with AEW’s post-production efforts.

What this means for AEW viewers is an enriched audio-visual experience, further cemented by the input of the Olivers. Dale’s background in crafting entrancing theme songs and compelling soundtracks offers AEW a chance to continuously refine their product, aiming to enthral viewers just as TNA did during its heyday.

Meanwhile, TNA, now rebranded back from IMPACT Wrestling, is poised for an exciting 2024. The build-up for their resurgence begins with the ‘Hard to Kill’ pay-per-view event on January 13, 2024, which is set to feature some highly anticipated matches.

As the wrestling community buzzes about these developments, there’s also a treat in store for fans looking to engage with events in a more communal setting. For those interested in experiencing the Survivor Series 2023 live with other enthusiasts, the WrestleTalk crew is set to host a Survivor Series Watch Party at the Long Arm Sports Bar & Pub in London. It’s an opportunity not to be missed, as tickets are expected to sell out promptly.

AEW’s discreet yet significant inclusion of Dale Oliver into their production team demonstrates the promotion’s dedication to delivering a polished and captivating product. It is clear that in the competitive world of professional wrestling, it’s not just the stars in the ring who can shift the balance – the maestros behind the scenes play an equally vital role in crafting a wrestling promotion’s legacy. Stay tuned to see how Oliver’s auditory artistry will continue to shape AEW’s sonic landscape in the months to come.

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