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Edge On His Discussion With Vince After Receiving AEW Offer

WWE Hall of Famer “The Rated R Superstar” Edge recently made his return to wrestling after a 9-year hiatus due to him being forced to retire as a result of a neck injury he has been having for many years. The Rated R Superstar made his return at the WWE’s Royal Rumble PPV Event this past January.

WWE recently released a new documentary on the WWE Network, which is called WWE 24: Edge – The Second Mountain and it covers Edge’s entire journey from the time he had to retire up until the time he came back from his career-ending neck injury.

In the WWE documentary, Edge talked about his appearance at SummerSlam last year prompting “another company” to reach out to him and offer him a contract, but that he would need to let Vince McMahon know about their offer out of respect to the company that has done so much for him over the years. Edge also said that he wasn’t looking to start a bidding war.

This is what Edge said:

“SummerSlam happens, and then from there another company within the industry contacted me.” “They said they were interested and wanted to know if I could wrestle and at this point, I didn’t know if I could. So before I did anything, I decided I needed to go find out.”

Edge then talked about having a conversation with his wife, Beth Phoenix, on a possible return to the WWE, but his wife saying that if this conversation is even going to begin, she needs to hear from the best in the world that he is okay and that she has to see it with her own eyes, so they ended up seeing five or six doctors.

This is what Beth Phoenix said:

“He started to get that little bug.” “Beth what if?’ And I was like don’t even start, if this conversation is even going to begin, there’s two things I need to hear. As your wife, and on behalf of your kids, I need to hear from the best in the world that you’re okay, and the second thing is I have to see it with my own eyes. We saw five or six doctors and every time he had another appointment I kept thinking ‘This is going to be the reality check we finally are going to get the answer than no, you can’t do this.’ And it didn’t happen.”

Edge then talked about the discussions he had with Vince McMahon regarding why he wanted to come back to the WWE rather than any other company.

This is what Edge said:

“Some discussions were had.” “The one thing that I told them through all of this is: when you give me your offer, I need to go talk to Vince. He’s done right by me my entire career. He gave me my chance, he gave me my shot. Trusted me to be able to pull off a lot of things, be a pillar for his shows. To be counted on as one of his generals, that goes a long way with me. I reached out to Vince and said I need to come talk to you this weekend and it needs to be face to face. I don’t want to do it through text or phone calls.”

“So, I went and sat down with him and I told him everything. It wasn’t like trying to get a bidding war going or anything, WWE didn’t even know whether this was possible, I didn’t know if it was possible. He said ‘Well, it needs to happen here. Let’s get you out to our doctors, you can take your impact testing and go through all of the testing.”

You can check out Edge’s comments in the video below:

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