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Highlights from AEW Collision Ottawa March 16, 2024 – Full Event Recap

3 Key Points

  • Bryan Danielson triumphs over Katsuyori Shibata in a highly competitive match, showcasing mutual respect post-bout.
  • Julia Hart defends the TBS Championship against Trish Adora in a “House Rules” match, maintaining her title.
  • The Infantry secures a surprising victory over The House of Black with assistance from Mark Briscoe, advancing in the AEW World Tag Team Title Tournament.

Saturday Night Showdown

On the evening of March 16, 2024, the Canadian Tire Centre in Ottawa was electrified with another thrilling episode of AEW Collision. The event was packed with intense matches, surprising outcomes, and memorable moments that had the audience on their feet.

Main Event Marvel

The highlight of the night was an exhilarating clash between “American Dragon” Bryan Danielson and Katsuyori Shibata. Both competitors delivered an exceptional display of technical prowess and resilience, with Danielson securing a hard-fought victory. The sportsmanship displayed post-match captured the essence of competitive spirit in wrestling.

Title Defense

Julia Hart successfully defended her TBS Championship against Trish Adora under the stern “House Rules”. Despite Adora’s valiant effort, Hart’s strategic offense ensured her reign continued, marking yet another milestone in her championship journey.

Unexpected Allies and Victories

The House of Black versus The Infantry was staged as a Wild Card match for the AEW World Tag Team Title Tournament. The battle outside the ring set the tone, but the real twist came from Mark Briscoe’s intervention, leading The Infantry to an unforeseen victory. This match added another chapter to the ongoing saga of alliances and rivalries in AEW.

Looking Forward

As we head towards AEW DYNAMITE, the stakes continue to rise with scheduled matches that promise to deliver action, drama, and perhaps a few more surprises. The next episode will feature contenders like “Timeless” Toni Storm, Chris Jericho, and more, ensuring the momentum from Collision carries on.

AEW continues to set the standard for professional wrestling, blending athletic competition with captivating storytelling. This night in Ottawa was a testament to the dedication of its performers and the passion of its fans.

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