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John Silver Shuts Down Bray Wyatt Rumors—Johnny Gargano on his Character Moving Forward

Pro wrestlers change up their characters often enough. They do so to stay fresh. That’s if they aren’t stuck in gimmicks they can’t get out of. The Undertaker was one such wrestler, who embraced his character and even after years of trying out The American Badass gimmick, he still had to return to the Dead Man character that made him famous.

Of course, as was the case for Taker, that isn’t always a bad thing. But Johnny Gargano recently spoke about his character change at the end of his run in NXT and if he plans on using the Johnny Wrestling moniker moving forward now that he’s a free agent. It was during an interview with that he said:

“It was such a fun thing, especially for my last TakeOver and I guess my last appearance on NXT television, to be able to come out to ‘Rebel Heart’ and have that back because I feel like that’s the pure Johnny Wrestling at his core…I feel like people missed that so much, and that was on purpose. I felt like for a long time I did the pure ‘Johnny Wrestling’ thing…

I did the pure ‘Johnny Wrestling’ thing for so long that if you’re a character for such a long time, people grow stagnant of it, people get tired of it. If you watch a television show or you read a comic book and the same characters around and he’s doing the same thing all the time…gets tiring, you know? …

So I wanted to give people a break from that…But it was so rewarding for me to be able to hear people want that again. That was really fun for me to be able to read the comments and when I teased ‘Rebel Heart’ coming back, people were so pumped and it was really cool to kind of bring that back for one final go-around. But like I said, I will always be ‘Johnny Wrestling’, no matter what.”

via Johnny Gargano –
via WWE Music /YouTube

John Silver shuts down Bray Wyatt rumors

Bray Wyatt rumors have been circulating since his release from WWE. Of course, even after his contract expired, Wyatt hasn’t appeared in any wrestling promotion. He is instead working on a film, reportedly—a horror film—which is of course appropriate, considering his character in WWE.

Moving forward though, many are still wondering what the future holds for the wrestler and son of WWE legend, IRS. Many are still speculating that he is AEW-bound and will be heading the Dark Order faction. This too makes sense. It’s all in the name of the faction, really, despite their penchant for being a tad more in the comedy relief department these days.

But despite the aforementioned rumors, John Silver, a WWE expat himself, states that it isn’t happening. Who knows what the future holds for Wyatt, aka Windham Rotunda, but if an AEW debut is imminent, it perhaps won’t be in the capacity that many have been thinking as per Silver’s recent comments, which were made during an interview with Barstool Rasslin’. He said:

“I hate that so much. We get tweets like that all the time…For a while, it was like anyone that got released from WWE was going to be the next leader, so I would just make tweets like, ‘Oh, I guess Adam Cole’s the next leader of the Dark Order!’ Anyone that doesn’t make sense. ‘Oh It’s going to be Bray (Wyatt) right?’ No, it’s not…

It doesn’t even make sense really. This wouldn’t happen I think anywhere else. It was supposed to be just a me and a Brodie thing, but obviously we didn’t really get to do that at all. They would see me and Brodie being funny, so they’d have to bring it out too. Stu has his thing, Uno has his thing, Ten, Five, all that.

I don’t even know. It was just like a switch. Because BTE is so popular with the fans, we couldn’t be spooky anymore. The crowd’s going to cheer us. We have to go in a different direction.”

via John Silver – Barstool Rasslin’ /Wrestling Inc. (Transcription)
via Barstool Rasslin’ /YouTube

Rotunda (Wyatt) hasn’t tweeted anything since November and has kept quiet, which is something that he hadn’t been doing when his release was made public, but silence is often the precursor to the mightiest of explosions, so hopefully an AEW debut is in the cards, but time will tell, dear readers.

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