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Jon Moxley Says That MJF Has Got A Long Way To Go

Following this past Saturday night’s AEW All Out PPV Event and a very successful AEW World Title defense, AEW World Champion Jon Moxley took part in a media scrum. During the media scrum, Moxley talked about his opponent at this past Saturday night’s AEW All Out PPV Event, MJF.

Moxley said that MJF is a real old school style of wrestler and that he was pretty cool to work with, but he’s obviously got a long way to go.

This is what Jon Moxley said:

“MJF is a real old school style of wrestler.” “It was pretty cool to work with. I love that old school classic style and getting to blend my style with it and see what kind of cocktail you can come up with. He’s obviously got a long way to go. The thing we learned tonight is pretty simple – cheaters never win. You don’t win championships by taking shortcuts. He was out-wrestling me at some points tonight. He was sticking to his game plan perfectly.”

“He had my arm all messed up.” “Shoulder popped out of socket. If he would have just sucked it up and stuck to his game plan, he might have walked out as World Champion tonight. But, he tried to take a shortcut and that just never works out for you. It’s like all those things your parents taught you that you never listened to. Measure twice, cut once. Always break down your cardboard, stuff like that. As I’ve said before – he’s going to be on top of this company long after I’m gone.”

Moxley then talked about his next challenger for the AEW World Title, “The Murderhawk Monster” Lance Archer. Moxley said that he has faced Lance before in a Texas Deathmatch in the Tokyo Dome and it is one of his favorite matches this year.

This is what Jon Moxley said:

“I was trying not to pay too much attention to that battle royal.” “I had to focus on one task at a time – that’s just how my brain works. Like I said, all different styles and opponents, I want them all. Seeing Lance Archer win, I’m like, ‘Oh, God!’ They just keep getting bigger. I’ve faced him before in a Texas Deathmatch in the Tokyo Dome and it’s one of my favorite matches this year.”

“We beat the absolute holy hell out of each other.” “If you go back and look at the end of that match, he was laying broken and bleeding on a pile of broken tables and I walked out with the belt. Ultimately, I don’t see it playing out any differently this time, but I do recognize this is an even more dangerous Lance Archer than I faced eight months ago. He just keeps getting better and over the last year he has really stepped up his game and is a true dominant monster now.”

Moxley then talked about looking forward to working with pro wrestling Hall of Famer Jake “The Snake” Roberts on the microphone.

This is what Jon Moxley said:

“He’s got Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts now, who I’m sure is going to be trying to play some mind games with me.” “Maybe I get to trade some work on the microphone with the great Jake Roberts. That’s really intriguing. I’m going to go get good and drunk tonight, but tomorrow morning we start working on Lance Archer.”

You can check out Jon Moxley’s comments in the video below:

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