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Jon Moxley to enter Rehab for Alcohol Abuse

I’ve had an interesting relationship with Jon Moxley, speaking strictly as journalist to pro wrestler, of course. While at WWE, I was highly critical of his Dean Ambrose character and didn’t much like the direction of it. Of course years later, we now know the complexities that delivered that image across to most—he not having all that much to do with what was wrong with it.

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I had heard about him on the indie circuit before that, but I thought mistakenly, that he had lost something on the way to New York.

Of course, he later moved to AEW and proved all naysayers wrong—myself included. But I love that. I love when people prove me wrong with hard work. I’ll always call a spade a spade, dear readers, and always have, and when someone comes back to me and says: “There….you were wrong about me,” I’ll admit it and shake his hand or her hand.

What Mox was additionally able to do since joining AEW, was to make me a fan of his…something I’m now proud to be.

Which is why this piece is a bitter-sweet one to write for me; it’s part editorial, part reporting. As a journalist, I mostly try to steer clear of editorializing, but when something like this happens, especially when it happens to someone I’ve held in high regard and respect, it’s kind of hard to keep it to strict reporting.

Moxley just released his book, Mox, he divulging a lot of info about his experiences in WWE and he dishes hard on many individuals from his time there. He was touring this book, bringing it and his word to the masses—something I understand very well, and is in no way easy these days—and wrestling many matches, including events for GCW where he is the current World Champion.

According to, the rehab isn’t the type of 12-step program where he can leave and go back. He will be entering himself in a “residential alcohol treatment program,” as the site mentions. No news yet by AEW or GCW where his matches stand although it would be more than safe to assume that his appearances, matches and other plans, have been postponed indefinitely. Some of these residential programs can take up to many months and years to overcome.

If we look back to the treatment period for Metallica front man, James Hetfield in 2001 or thereabouts, it took up to a year for him to be ready to return to his previous schedule, or at least a semblance of it, all chronicled in the documentary film, Some Kind of Monster.

It’s so sad to see Moxley go through this, especially when his momentum has been crazy as of late.

Sometimes life and its craziness doesn’t wait. Mox is doing what he needs to do, and that takes courage.

Tony Khan released this statement:

“Jon Moxley has allowed me to share with you that he is entering an inpatient alcohol treatment program. Jon is a beloved member of the AEW family. We all stand with him and Renee, and all of his family and friends, as he shifts his focus to recovery. Jon is making a very brave choice to get help, and we’re embracing his choice and supporting him however we can. I’m proud to call Jon a friend, and like many of you, I’m also a fan of Mox and look forward to a time in the future when he is eventually ready to return to the ring. Until then, thank you for supporting Jon and respecting his privacy at this time. If you or a loved one need help, please reach out to SAMHSA’s National Helpline: 1-800-662-HELP (4357).”

via Tony Khan
via Renee Paquette /YouTube

We all fall down…we all have flaws, even strong women and men that seem to show off that there’s nothing in this world that an break them, and it’s the strongest thing to do, to admit that you need help. Jon delivered that message loud and clear and he put his wife, daughter and legacy before himself.

It’s hard to keep up sometimes…with career, family, everything. But Jon did it, perhaps with a few crutches, crutches that have now gotten him in trouble, but we’ve all been there for sure.

We wish him the absolute best, a speedy recovery and an equally fast return. We here at Pro Wrestling News Hub are rooting for the legend.

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