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Kazuchika Okada’s Reaction to AEW’s Tony Khan Attack

One Big Thing

Kazuchika Okada, AEW Continental Champion, reacted with mixed emojis to the attack on AEW’s Tony Khan by Jack Perry and the Young Bucks.

Key Moments

  • The incident occurred on the April 24 episode of Dynamite, where Khan received a gut punch and the Meltzer Driver.
  • Okada expressed his reaction through Instagram stories, using two thumbs-up and a frowny face.
  • Following the attack, both Jack Perry and the Young Bucks publicly addressed their actions.
  • The NFL commented on Khan’s condition, speculating on his fitness for the 2024 draft.

Why It Matters

This event signifies tensions within AEW’s storyline and highlights the impact of wrestler actions on the company’s management and external perceptions. Okada’s response, particularly as a member of The Elite and current champion, adds layers to the narrative complexity within AEW.

Further Reactions

Footage of the segment is available, providing viewers a direct look at the incident that sparked widespread discussion among fans and professionals alike. Additionally, there’s an invite to those interested in the wrestling industry to enroll in a unique Wrestling Masterclass.


The AEW landscape continues to evolve with high-octane drama and storyline developments. With key figures like Kazuchika Okada engaging in the narrative, fans are eager to see how this will unfold in the ring.

What are your thoughts on Kazuchika Okada’s reaction to the attack on Tony Khan? Do you think it will lead to further storyline developments? Leave a comment below.

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