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Kenny Omega Says The Lucha Bros Could Be Bigger Stars In AEW

All Elite Wrestling Executive Vice President and top AEW Star Kenny Omega was recently a guest on the Wrestle Buddies podcast to talk about a number of topics, including the Lucha Brothers being underutilized in AEW and how they could be bigger stars.

Below are the highlights:

On the Lucha Brothers being underutilized in AEW and how they could be bigger stars:

“I feel like maybe two guys that could be doing more than what they are doing, even larger and more popular, could sell more merchandise, could bring more eyeballs to our product are The Lucha Brothers, I think. Not that they’re underutilized per se, but I do think with how great they are, they’re perhaps underrepresented right now and I would love to see more of them on every episode, but that’s just me speaking as a fan.”

On how he wants to work with the New Day again similar to their gaming showdown in 2018:

“I absolutely do think that it’s a possibility. I mean we have G4 coming back, we have VENN TV as well. We’re kinda throwing their names in the hat so there’s gonna be these platforms for these shows to exist to have opportunities for guests to show up, opportunities for guests to compete against each other and I think they’re gonna wanna do whatever it takes to have as many viewers as possible and I think it goes for both companies, I guess all three companies involved, wherever the platform may be, and I think what we had proven at E3 was that when you marry these two brands together, there’s nothing but positivity to come from it and we broke all kinds of real cool little records with our little stream and no one had anything bad to say about it, no one company looked weaker than another. It was just a celebration of video games between people that love video games and I think it’s easy to do that again and I think, as long as the opportunity is there and the forum is there, we will absolutely do it again and I hope we do.”

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