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Kyle O’Reilly Talks Recent Injuries

It’s no secret that Kyle O’Reilly has had multiple injuries over the last few years…even back at NXT. But he worked through them as so many pro wrestlers do. He has appeared in many AEW matches; his shoulders have been taped and he even wrestled a few matches with the tell-tale signs of his having just underwent cupping therapy on that same shoulder.

Cupping therapy is used to treat rotator cuff and other shoulder issues, including carpal tunnel that can lead all the way from the hand area and into the neck and shoulder if in conjunction with rotator cuff issues….

Many wrestlers have used this therapy to stave off or even avoid shoulder surgery altogether. That coupled with physical therapy can work wonders. But this time his injury was suffered at the hands of the veteran, Sting, and it seems like he may be spending a wee bit of time away from the ring sadly. He made the following comments while speaking with This Is Vancolour:

“This October, I’ll be wrestling for 17 years now. It’s a lot of bumps, a lot of wear and tear on your body. Fortunately, nothing serious has really happened to me. I’ve been hurt a lot, I’ve been injured, but I’ve always grinded through, made the date, showed up and performed as well as I can in the ring despite whatever I was nursing…

Sometimes, the medical staff needs to save us from ourselves. As wrestlers, we’ll go until the wheels fall off. ‘My shoulder is hurt? Okay, I won’t do any moves where I land on my shoulder.’ We’re crazy like that…This is something I’ve been dealing with, it’s a nagging thing that I’ve been dealing with, specifically, pretty bad for the last five years…

In the last few weeks of wrestling on AEW, I’ve been really banged up and didn’t know the extent of it until now. I still don’t know all the information, so I don’t want to disclose exactly what is happening with me…

I need more information and I should know probably this week what the recovery time is going to be and what the recovery will entail. All I can do is, if there is time off, use it to re-motivate myself, get in better shape, and come back stronger than ever before.” 

via Fightful

via AEW /YouTube

Tony Khan had a lot to say on the recent bunch of injuries that AEW stars have suffered. Here’s some of what he had to say on the matter:

“We’re going to make the best of a bad situation with injuries. A long list of big stars out. Now, with another injury, you have Bullet Club coming together to get some revenge on Sting & Darby…Kyle O’Reilly, getting taken out by Sting, that’s a real life legitimate injury and Kyle O’Reilly is out, not sure how long, but it’s a big loss and we were not expecting that…

He had been on fire for the company; it’s a big deal to lose Kyle O’Reilly. With Fish and O’Reilly being out, Fish just had a great main event with Darby on Rampage, that’s another big loss for the company, Fish, we expect back sooner from that ankle injury than O’Reilly with his injuries. Neither one is available for the pay-per-view. Kyle O’Reilly, we hope to get back soon. Bobby Fish, I know is going to be back soon.”

-Comments made by Khan on AEW Unrestricted via Fightful

From his mouth to God’s ears. Hopefully everyone comes back healthy, ready and roaring to go, but of course time will tell. Coming back too early can spell disaster down the line. In the end it just takes the time that it takes.

In the meantime there are loads of other storylines to pay attention to and new stars that have made the scene or reacquainted themselves with the scene—specifically Claudio Castagnoli—and all while we wait for all these injured wrestlers to return. So stay tuned, dear readers.

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