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Malakai and Former WWE Star at Indie Show—Would AEW Have Ever Happened Without Cody?—Marko Stunt at GCW

AEW stars are making appearances at independent shows every other weekend it seems, and Malakai Black is set to face a former WWE star very soon.

Cody Rhodes’ sister, Teil, made some pretty glaring statements about the inception of AEW and wondering if it could have ever been possible without her brother.

All of that, and so much more in this piece.

Malakai Black goes one-on-one with Murphy

As has been reported by, AEW star, Malakai Black, is set to face former WWE star Buddy Murphy. Murphy is now going by the ring name, Buddy Mathews. The match is set to happen at an upcoming Battleground Championship Wrestling event in December—the 18th to be exact—and will be taking place at the 2300 Arena in the beautiful city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The two aren’t strangers to one another, the both of them having spent a great part of their careers in WWE, where they faced off many times. The match should be something special, as we all know how great Malakai Black is, quite obviously; especially with his recent performances in AEW against Cody Rhodes, but we should see a different side to Matthews, he perhaps showing off quite a bit more ability than we had seen in WWE (and what we had already seen already piqued the interest of many fans). The two are spectacular athletes.

via WWE /YouTube

Teil Rhodes, Cody’s sister, makes some very supportive comments and glaring ones at that

via The Ringer

To be quite honest, it is refreshing to see a sister come to the defense and support of her brother, and in such a public way. This isn’t often the case, and honestly, I’ve never seen this level of support; it is very amazing and refreshing, to say the least.

via Teil Rhodes Twitter

Cody Rhodes’ sister, Teil, spoke up about just how AEW got started, and one of the major reasons for its starting up and its subsequent success; she also spoke up on his departure from WWE. These comments were made during her appearance on Busted Open Radio. She said:

“…People can have their own opinions, but AEW doesn’t happen if Cody didn’t leave (WWE) on his own accord, make his little list, and throw himself into the fire. There are a lot of other pieces that had to come together too, and obviously Tony Khan being the kingpin of all that momentum that these guys had built together and separate. But none of this happens without Cody leaving. I cried when he told me he was…We had talked about it a lot. I sat in the car and I cried because I thought he wanted to be a world champion (at WWE). That was always his goal and it’s over…They had the capital and Cody really talked fondly about that period because they gave them all a lot of creative freedom that had been missing…But they were just kind of, I mean, I don’t know. My guess is they were kind of happy with where they were at in like that niche in the business, and they weren’t looking to elevate to that next level competition wise…”

via Busted Open Radio /Wrestling Inc (Transcription)
via Teil Rhodes Twitter

Marko Stunt at GCW

And like I said at the start of this piece, there certainly are a lot of AEW stars making their way to other promotions, all the while taking AEW by storm, and the same can now be said for Jurassic Express member, Marko Stunt. According to a report at E-Wrestling News, he will be appearing at GCW’s ‘Fight Club’ event.

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It is at this event that Jon Moxley will be going one-on-one with Nick Gage for the GCW World Title. Mick Foley is also scheduled to appear. It takes place in Atlantic City on October 9th.

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