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Masked Devil Mystery Deepens on AEW Dynamite: Who’s Behind the Attacks?

The intrigue surrounding the mysterious “masked devil” on AEW Dynamite reached new heights following the latest episode, where Hangman Adam Page became the latest casualty of a sinister attack. Fans worldwide have been riddled with speculation on who could be orchestrating these ambushes, especially after witnessing Page being brutally hurled through a car windshield—an act that definitively removes him from the list of potential suspects.

The narrative thickened when Jon Moxley and Swerve Strickland, who were both involved in the night’s main event, were also clearly seen as uninvolved in the melee. This leaves the viewers with fewer suspects and more pressing questions. Adding to this guessing game, a peculiar incident at a previous AEW All In event saw HOOK suffer a similar fate. Many fans connected the dots, suggesting Jack Perry might be the ominous figure, given the recent car windshield spot.

However, reliable wrestling news outlet Fightful Select offers a pivot in the tale that beckons fans to look elsewhere. A “high-level source” communicated with Fightful Select right after the segment, casting doubt on Perry’s involvement in the angle. This intriguing piece of information curtails theories that were pointing towards Perry as the mastermind.

Moreover, AEW has been a cauldron of unpredictability, with the suspension of CM Punk and the indefinite suspension of Perry post AEW All In. Although Fightful Select reports that Perry’s suspension is “technically” over, his absence from AEW programming has become conspicuous by its presence. On top of that, the dynamic world of AEW creative could sway in any direction, leaving room for a drastic narrative overhaul concerning the group of attackers.

To add another layer to the Jack Perry enigma, recent trademark applications have surfaced in connection to his known in-ring personas; ‘Jack Perry,’ ‘Jungle Boy,’ and ‘Jurassic Express’ along with ‘A Boy And His Dinosaur.’ These developments keep the conversation alive about Perry’s next steps and his role, if any, in the relentless masked attacks.

The identity of the “masked devil” remains shrouded in mystery as the AEW universe watches with vested interest. Each Dynamite episode furthers the speculation, anticipation, and, most importantly, the allure of what’s to come. As the storyline continues to evolve, stay alert for updates that might reveal the perpetrator behind the mask and the impending revelations that will undoubtedly shake the foundations of AEW. To keep a pulse on all things wrestling, join the WrestleTalk newsletter for the latest twists and turns in this captivating saga.

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