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Mike Santana Updates on AEW Status Amidst Limited Ring Appearances

3 Key Points

  • Mike Santana addresses his sporadic AEW appearances after return from injury.
  • Despite limited AEW screen time, Santana remains under contract and eager for action.
  • Santana indicates availability for worldwide bookings in a recent Tweet.

Mike Santana’s In-Ring Return and Current AEW Usage

Following a significant hiatus due to a torn ACL, Mike Santana rejoined AEW, marking his on-screen comeback in August 2023. His return facilitated participation in AEW’s Stadium Stampede match at All Out. Despite a memorable re-entrance, Santana’s presence on AEW programming has been sporadic.

Santana’s Match Record Post-Injury

Ortiz, his tag team partner, acknowledged their emotional journey with a heartfelt message after returning to AEW Dynamite. Afterward, Santana’s engagements remained limited, showcasing his talents in only a handful of matches, such as his confrontation with Bronson on AEW Rampage and a bout against Ortiz – his former ally in Proud-n-Powerful.

Concerns and Clarifications Surrounding AEW Status

With fans concerned about his future, Santana reassured followers that despite being eager for more opportunities, he still upholds an AEW contract. Santana’s frustration with the wait for substantial creative input was documented in a Twitter post where he stressed the importance of proactively seeking opportunities. This proactive stance aligns with Konnan’s earlier comments revealing Santana’s dissatisfaction with AEW’s creative direction.

Impact on Santana’s Career and Booking Possibilities

Santana, who debuted in AEW in August 2019, has been a significant figure, once allied with Chris Jericho’s Inner Circle. The dissolution of that faction and the aftermath, including a hair vs. hair match and a Blood and Guts match, have been pivotal in his AEW narrative. Despite his injury setback, Santana’s recent tweet suggests he is ready to enhance his career, signaling openness to global bookings and a commitment to making the coming year his most notable yet.

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