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Morrissey Wants Strowman—Jake Roberts Update—Kingston Addresses New York

Speaking with Tom Campbell of, W. Morrissey states how awesome it would be to face the likes of Braun Strowman in Impact Wrestling.

The fact that Strowman might premiere at Impact at Bound For Glory in October was hinted at by Scott D’Amore (Executive at Impact) himself in recent history.

Braun himself, has been secretive as well, but he has done his own share of hinting that a return is imminent and many have deduced that Impact will be the place for it. He was released by WWE on June 2nd, of this year and has been bound (pardon the pun) by a 90-day no-compete clause, which has now ended as of the start of September or thereabouts.

He would obviously be quite the addition to that roster and a match with Morrissey would be what the wrestling world would want to see, the two monsters going at it.

Images via WM Impact BS Muscle Fitness

Morrissey said of this possibility of facing Braun:

“…I would…I’ve never gotten to wrestle him one-on-one…The only time I believe I was in matches with him was in The Greatest Royal Rumble in Saudi Arabia and then a ten-man tag-team match on Raw in 2016. I think it was the week before Battleground or something…I’ve always wanted to wrestle him one-on-one and if he came into IMPACT, I would love to mix it up with him…”


Eddie Kingston addressed the crowd in New York after Rampage went off the air

AEW star, Eddie Kingston took to the microphone after Rampage went off the air (he and Mox had just defeated Lance Archer and Suzuki in an unsanctioned match), some fans in the audience recording what was said.

To the fans, some of what Kingston said was:

“I love you, New York…I’m so proud of each and every one of you…Mom I know you’re here…thank you for putting up with me…I love you, Ma…Before certain people got here, we sold this mother out…but with those people that just joined us…we retook our flag and put it in cement…NEW YORK, AEW IS NOW AEW TOWN!”

VIA Eddie Kingston

*If you use any of this transcription, please credit Pro Wrestling News Hub and Domenic Marinelli for this transcription and link to this article

He said this last, screaming an expletive and aimed a couple of hand gestures meant perhaps for the company that claimed and bore dominance in New York and for so many years (when WWE was part of the NWA, New York was their territory, and they have been referred to as New York ever since), but after he finished his address, the wonderful people of Queens, New York went positively insane at the Arthur Ashe Stadium.

And if anyone out there is still questioning if AEW is competition enough for WWE…listen to the fans in New York…the fans that WWE themselves have stated are more in touch with the wrestling business overall and know what they’re talking about. I’ll share the video below.

Via Roboparadox /YouTube

A brief update on Jake “The Snake” Roberts

I covered a story yesterday about how Jake Roberts was suffering from lung issues, and although that is still the case, Cassidy Haynes of confirmed that his AEW absence can be attributed to a surgical procedure he had on his foot—specifically he had pins placed in his toes.

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We wish him a speedy recovery.

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