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Punk in NJPW?—Khan on What He Wanted All Out to be—PCO in GCW

CM Punk had been out of action for quite some time. That was until he returned to professional wrestling when he debuted in AEW a few months back. But really, if you think about it…listen to his very own comments; he wasn’t necessarily in the realm of professional wrestling even while at WWE, as his experience was so bad.

When you work for WWE, there is little time for anything else in your life, much less wrestling elsewhere. This is obvious for anyone who knows how WWE operates, which I’m more than sure you all know how they do, dear readers.

But with the “Forbidden Door” being what it undoubtedly is over at AEW, thanks to Tony Khan and the alliance in professional wrestling (AEW, Impact, NJPW, NWA and others…).

CM Punk has expressed an interest in wrestling some matches in NJPW, and really his fans couldn’t be happier. It was while he made some statements on the Rich Eisen Show that he let the public know where his head was at on the subject:

“…I’m both feet in on AEW, but I know a bunch of New Japan guys wind up coming over and wrestling on AEW Dynamite and Rampage. I’m not adverse to the idea, but I know they’re in the throes of their G1 and stuff like that, so I don’t know if they can spare the guys…And I think because of the pandemic, you don’t see a whole lot of travel from America to Japan. I definitely think you’d have to do a hard quarantine once you got to Japan, and I just don’t think that’s a viable option at this point…I gotta do that when I kick acting gigs, and that’s hard enough. To be in Japan for two weeks sitting in a hotel, I’d probably lose my mind. But I’m for sure interested…”

via The Rich Eisen Show / (Transcription)


Game Changer Wrestling has been drawing a lot of attention as of late and for good reason. It’s becoming a who’s who of professional wrestling, with Jon Moxley, Mick Foley and others flooding over.

And now it seems that they will be acquiring the likes of this legendary Canadian professional wrestler.

via Dave Stubbs Twitter

Formerly known as Jean-Pierre LaFitte in WWE, as well as Pierre Carl Ouellet. He had some epic matches while in WWE in the nineties, including an epic match with Bret Hart in particular that I still remember every frame of on September 24, 1995 at In Your House 3. That match stole the show in my humble opinion.

via Slam Wrestling

He teamed with Jacques Rougeau; they were known as The Quebecers, and as that team, they held the WWE Tag Titles three times. He went on to ECW and has enjoyed quite the run in ROH…a run that he announced is to be coming to an end. He made this statement  while speaking with Sean Waltman on Pro Wrestling 4 Life, Sean’s podcast:

“…On December 1st, that would be my third year with Ring of Honor. It will be 3 full years, and 3 great years. I have been treated really super good. They are great people over there, but coming December 1st, I will be a free agent. It will be interesting to see where everything is going, either with Ring of Honor or wherever…”

via Pro Wrestling 4 Life w/ Sean Waltman /(E-Wrestling News (Transcription)

Well, these questions would be answered to, and it seems like GCW is where he’s headed, at least to some extent, as has been reported by E-Wrestling News—these being statements he made while speaking with Pat Laprade:

“…I will not be exclusive with GCW, but I will have to prioritize them. In all, we are talking about 40 shows for 2022. It’s still a lot of shows. With guys like Jon Moxley, Matt Cardona, Joey Janela and company, I can’t wait and am excited to start with GCW…“

via PCO /E-Wrestling News (Transcription)

And GCW also made historic news recently by announcing that they will be putting on one of their events at the legendary Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City. The venue quite famous for wrestling fans, as it was the location of many classic ECW and WWE events. And seeing that PCO has a history with both those companies, it would be pretty poetic if he walked out during that show.

The event at the Hammerstein Ballroom is scheduled to take place on January 23rd of 2022.

Tony Khan, the ultimate WCW fan boy

via WWE /YouTube

There have been many hints to this for a long time, but like myself, Tony Khan is most obviously a fan of WCW, the good old days at least. The days when they had the top stars in the industry and were beating WWE, then WWF in the ratings.

He hinted to this once again, he speaking with DAZN:

“…Do you remember Bash at the Beach ’96? That’s what I wanted at All Out, but I also wanted to go one step further…You’ve already this great show with great action and then Adam Cole comes out and you think he’s there to take on The Elite. Instead, he joins the group the way Hogan turned heel. Is that the close to the show? No but it would’ve been a good ending regardless…here comes Bryan Danielson. One of the best wrestlers there’s ever been and he’s here in AEW. Cole and Danielson in one segment. That was pretty cool…”

via DAZN / (Transcription)

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He isn’t wrong. Bash at the Beach was amazing—a pivotal moment in professional wrestling—and now I’d say that All Out was the same, if perhaps not more pivotal.

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