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Ronda Rousey and Marina Shafir Share Backstage Exchange at ROH: A Deep Dive into their Friendship

In a captivating fusion of the world-famous WWE and AEW, Ronda Rousey made a remarkable entrance at her ROH debut, reinforcing her friendship with the limelight-catching AEW’s Marina Shafir. The career of pro wrestling is steeped in camaraderie, yet highlighted by fierce rivalries. However, the Rousey and Shafir connection runs deeper than the typical ring alliances.

This insider look at the unique bond between these powerhouses came to the forefront during a ‘candid’ backstage conversation that ROH made public. With a spectacular debut at the tapings on November 17, which has now been live-streamed via ROH on HonorClub, Ronda Rousey left a lasting impression, but it was her exchange with Marina Shafir that left an indelible mark.

As the newfound duo teamed up against Athena and Billie Starkz, their chemistry was well-received and extremely noticeable. The very fact that Rousey updated her entrance music for this occasion is an apparent recognition of the significance of this tag team.

Illustrating their unique bond, the Ring of Honor Twitter account shared an enchanting ‘candid’ moment between the pair, where the exchange spoke volumes about their extensive and enduring friendship. Rousey, in a playful yet emotional tone, confirms to Shafir, “I want you to have so much fun doing this… And you just keep having a good time without me here.”

This potent backstage camaraderie not only pushes the bonds of friendship between the two into the spotlight but also highlights the undoubted motivation behind Rousey’s successful entrance into ROH: to boost the business for the streaming service, putting a fresh spin on this classic wrestling powerhouse.

What’s more, being a wrestling news reporter, it’s apparent that their conversation invites viewers into a world typically off-limits. The candid moment wraps up with the duo leaving the frame, arms wrapped around each other — longing to share more such good times!

Remember, this isn’t just about two friends on a wrestling journey together. It’s about Ronda Rousey and Marina Shafir — the unbreakable tie that binds them, shaping the future of wrestling as we know it.

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