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Ross on Punk’s Future in AEW—Angle on how WWE Handled his Narcotics Controversy

Jim Ross commented on how CM Punk’s future will look and who he can possibly face on the most recent episode of Grilling JR; based on a Wrestling Inc transcription of the episode. Of the incredible things happening in AEW right now and of Punk’s debut and what it has meant for AEW and the morale of the entire roster and crew, Ross said:

via AEW /YouTube

“…One thing about this crew—they’re seeing what hard work can result in for the fans, and them eventually. Can you imagine how many of those kids that we’ve been neutering for 2 years, how they feel when they’re able to display their skills to a big crowd that gives a damn? Not 300 people at an indie show or whatever, but there’s not enough numbers there. These kids are living their dreams. I don’t know how many talents I’ve had come to me and say ‘I never knew it was going to be like this.’ That started with Punk coming back to Chicago…I sat down the other day on the airplane and just made some mental notes of potential CM Punk opponents…There’s a year’s worth, at least, not counting returns…(he’s) not going to wrestle every week obviously, nor should he…”

via Grilling JR

On what CM Punk’s debut and return to the business did for him personally, he said:

“…I told him that night in Chicago, not that I was phoning anything in, I wasn’t. But the emotional side that you can’t taste, feel, or touch returned in a big, big time way…I got the best job in the world. I’m in the business that I love. I want to do this as long as I can. I don’t know how long that is, but until I or somebody including me decides I’ve had enough, then I’m going to keep doing it. I couldn’t have that feeling with half a house, or three or four hundred people, or an empty audience in Daily’s Place. Life is good. I don’t know it could be much better.”

via Grilling JR

Kurt Angle commented on how Vince McMahon handled the situation of Angle’s failed drug test back in 2006

It was in a recent episode of The Kurt Angle Show that he detailed what went down. At the time (2006) he was dealing with a plethora of serious injuries and happened to fail a wellness test. On what McMahon did to handle the situation, Angle said:

via WWE /YouTube

“Dr. Black…He was a WWE Doctor…He called me and he said, ‘Listen, you failed a drug test.’ I was taking painkillers but I had a prescription for those at the time. Dr. Black told me I got hit for this drug. I told him I had a prescription, and he said it was overdue so you’re suspended, and I told him to go f*** himself and hung up on him. Then Vince McMahon calls me and says, ‘Listen, you can’t tell Dr. Black to f-himself. Call him back and apologize, and you’re suspended for 30 days.’ I called Dr. Black and I apologized to him and I ended up being suspended for 30 days. It was something that I had a prescription for but I just allowed it to go past due…Vince told me I was suspended. ‘Take the month off, go home, and rest. You need it anyway. Just bide your time and sit at home and take it easy,’ and that’s what I did…”

via: The Kurt Angle Show /Wrestling Inc (Transcription)

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Angle went on to talk about how the suspension led to a string of losses that further led to his disillusionment with the company and his eventual departure. He would ultimately return and was also inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame.

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