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Schiavone Comments on Punk and Darby—Matt Hardy hopes to Reunite with Jeff in AEW

CM Punk has had quite the influence on many in AEW and legendary professional wrestling analyst, Tony Schiavone took some time to map out just how Punk helped Darby Allin specifically.

In other news, Matt Hardy speaks on the possibility of his brother, Jeff, “The Charismatic Enigma,” joining him in AEW, despite the fact that he’s got a few years to go on his WWE contract, apparently.

Schiavone Comments on Punk and Darby

As has been reported by Wrestling  Inc, it was on an episode of AEW Restricted that Tony made his opinion known on how just important the Acquisition of the equally legendary CM Punk has been on Allin and perhaps the entire AEW roster. On how positive an influence Punk was on Darby despite defeating him at All Out, Schiavone said:

via AEW /YouTube

“…I know there’s a lot of a lot of trolls on here, as they are on social media…They’re gonna say, ‘CM Punk put Darby over? No he didn’t. CM Punk beat Darby.’ It’s not about wins and losses you freaking dumb asses. It’s about making stars, and CM Punk made Darby an even bigger star, elevated Darby’s career that night. What she’s talking about, and I wholeheartedly agree that, these veterans and known stars coming in working with our younger talent is making everybody better. It’s not wins or losses anymore…CM Punk walking out will be an unforgettable night…Having him aboard on this team has been wonderful on so many levels. Not only what he has done as far as viewership, but how he approaches his work backstage….”

via AEW Restricted /Wrestling Inc

Matt Hardy longs to have his brother back with him…and hopefully at AEW

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As has been reported by, Matt Hardy has commented on rumors that Jeff, his brother, could be AEW-Bound despite the fact that Jeff is bound by a contract with WWE for quite a few more years.

“Fingers crossed, man” he told Adam’s Apple. In the same interview, Matt went on to explain how fortunate he feels to be over at AEW, what he thinks of Tony Khan…essentially how Khan has got his finger on the pulse of professional wrestling and he knows how to get older generations and newer wrestlers shine alike, as we also learned from Tony Schiavone’s comments above.

via Adam’s Apple /YouTube

Matt and Jeff Hardy are a legendary tag team and have had great singles careers as well. Each of them have had personal demons in the past that they both dispatched of expertly…proving that a 25 plus year run in the professional wrestling industry is possible. Along with the likes of Edge, Christian and the Dudley Boys, they ushered in the now legendary TLC Match at SummerSlam 2000 and at WrestleMania X7 the following year.

via WWE /YouTube

Jeff Hardy has had some pretty shoddy moments at Raw within WWE as of late, his booking is below par…something that a legend like him doesn’t deserve at all (and none of this should be considered his fault). And with rumors of the likes of Kevin Owens having his contract changed, or rather shortened, perhaps that can be done for Jeff as well…that way he’ll be able to finish his career the way it was meant to be finished and with his brother by his side.

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The two had incredible runs at TNA/Impact as well, and hopefully this can happen in AEW down the line. The best way to finish this piece would be to quote “Big Money” Matt Hardy himself, legend that he is: “Fingers crossed,” dear readers.

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