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The Briscoes on What Happens if they Land in AEW

The Briscoe Brothers have been active in the pro wrestling industry since 2000 and since then have made many stops at top indie wrestling promotions, and what happened with their career doesn’t happen to many that never got a chance in the major promotions out there. They did have an ill-fated tryout in WWE in 2009 though – WWE letting them know that they were not “cosmetically pleasing,” but they have dominated regardless. Now, with a chance that they can end up in AEW, they just may get the chance to hit the big time in pro wrestling nonetheless, just in a different top company.

It does to some…but not to all. The Briscoes have worked and clawed their way to have the reputation they do, which is become one of the greatest tag teams out there. They are set to defend their tag titles at GCW this weekend in an open challenge. For the record, they are both ROH tag champs and GCW tag champs, but the official card specifies that they are set to defend the GCW tag team championships at The WRLD On GCW live on Sunday at 8 PM EST on Fite.

via GCW /YouTube

Who takes them on for those titles is something to see for sure; it could be a massive surprise…especially with so many AEW stars already on that card and with all this talk about AEW.

Food for thought, dear readers.

When it was announced that ROH was taking a hiatus and more announcements came out that perhaps ROH would never be back, many in AEW commented on the many free agents created by the mass release of all ROH stars. Even Dax Harwood tweeted quite simply: “The Briscoes.”

It spoke volumes, and now, the Briscoe Brothers have something to say about all the buzz that was unleashed. It was while they were on Busted Open Radio that Jay Briscoe said:

“If it does happen, when and if, everybody else is going to have to take a backseat. That’s just going to be the way it is. Once we get in there, y’all know what we’re going to do. Once they see us and FTR and we whoop their ass, they aren’t going to have no choice but to put us regularly on their television program…

We’re just keeping it real, man. I don’t even like to get on the damn Twitter, man. It just sucks you in, I don’t like to get too involved but at this point in our careers, we’ve got to do what we’ve got to do. So, we just putting it out there and letting them know, ‘we’re here.’…

I think once we make that splash, they’re going to want to see it again and again…So, I ain’t really too worried about that. At the end of the day we’re providing for our families. So we’ve got to do what we’ve got to do. But, I don’t think we’ve got to worry about riding the bench.”

via Busted Open Radio /Wrestling Inc. (Transcription)
via ROH /YouTube

Mark Briscoe added:

“Especially like, it wasn’t five minutes after the Ring Of Honor news hit. Back when it did hit, when your boy, Dax, Big Dax just tweeting ‘Briscoes,’ nothing but ‘Briscoes.’ So we can’t sit there, yeah, ‘Briscoes, huh, Briscoes, what’s up?’”

via Busted Open Radio /Wrestling Inc. (Transcription)

In the end, they showing up in AEW is a game-changer indeed (no pun intended). But to have opponents lined up for these guys like the Lucha Bros., Jungle Express, ReDRagon, the aforementioned Bucks…this would be something incredible for sure and worth looking forward to. Fingers crossed, friends.

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