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Tony Khan Open to Nikki Bella Joining AEW: What It Means for Wrestling

One Big Thing

Tony Khan expresses interest in having Nikki Garcia, formerly known as WWE’s Nikki Bella, join AEW, emphasizing the open invitation for her and her sister Brie.

Key Takeaways

  • AEW has been bolstering its roster with high-profile signings in 2024, including Kazuchika Okada and Mercedes Mone.
  • Nikki Garcia considered a one-year run in AEW spurred by Mone’s signing but ultimately decided against it.
  • During an interview on the “Battleground Podcast,” Khan stated his respect and openness to both Nikki and Brie joining AEW, citing family ties with Bryan Danielson.
  • Khan’s comments underscore AEW’s inclusive approach and respect for talent.

Why It Matters

The potential involvement of Nikki Bella in AEW signifies a broader trend of talent fluidity between wrestling promotions. It also highlights AEW’s continuous effort to diversify and strengthen its female roster, bringing in athletes with substantial mainstream appeal. Khan’s welcoming stance towards Nikki and Brie also aligns with AEW’s ethos of being a familial and inclusive promotion.

Looking Ahead

While Nikki Bella’s full-time wrestling career remains uncertain, the possibility of her AEW involvement opens discussions about the evolving dynamics of professional wrestling. With AEW’s door open, the wrestling world might see more surprising crossovers and collaborations that challenge traditional boundaries.

What are your thoughts on Nikki Bella potentially joining AEW? Do you believe her presence would significantly impact the promotion? Leave a comment below with your views.

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