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Which Fighters Would Make Good AEW Stars?

The worlds of wrestling and other fight disciplines have often crossed over, even here in AEW.

Anthony Ogogo is a former boxer, and Mike Tyson was also involved with the promotion for a while. Everyone from Floyd Mayweather to Tyson Fury has stepped foot in the ring in the wider wrestling world in the name of sports entertainment.

The benefits are obvious for both parties. The fighters get extra exposure, whether promoting a big fight or looking for a post-career profile boost. The promotion gets a recognizable face on their shows, someone who might put a few more people in seats in the arena and shake up the roster. It’s a mutually beneficial tie in that works time and again.

Some wrestlers even come from a boxing background; others display boxing skills without actually competing in a proper bout. Ogogo mentioned how both Jack Evans and Thunder Rosa were keen boxers, as is Britt Baker and Tay Conti. These are the perfect names to work skits with real-life fighters, but which names are likely to cross over? Which boxers would fit nicely into the world of AEW, with the right blend of reputation but also affordability? Let’s be honest, AEW won’t attract a Floyd Mayweather, but could any of these stars make their way across to the promotion?

Craig Cunningham

Cunningham isn’t a fighter you’re likely to have heard of, but he’d be perfect for AEW in terms of a storyline. Why? Because he was the man who defeated Ogogo in 2017, an outcome described as ‘shocking’ by Boxing Scene. The British fighter would be perfect in helping get Ogogo over and could take part in a sensational revenge storyline that would appeal to fans. What’s more, as a British fighter, he might help push AEW to the already engaged British audience.

Amanda Serrano

The Puerto Rican fighter is currently the unified featherweight women’s champion and holds the Guinness World Record for the most women’s world titles won in different weights; she’s held nine major world titles across seven different weight classes. She’s due to defend her titles against Katie Taylor in May, a fight she is a marginal favorite for in the latest Ladbrokes odds. However, if she were to lose, could a change of direction be in order? She’s a keen martial artist too, and has previously shown an interest in joining the WWE as a diva. Given Thunder Rosa’s boxing background, there could be a big storyline there once her rematch plans with Britt Baker are settled.

Conor McGregor

Ambitious? Absolutely, but AEW has shown it is a major player on the wrestling scene with impressive additions to the roster and the involvement of Iron Mike. Why not grab McGregor, who is almost certainly finished as a credible UFC fighter. Notorious is a box office name, a super fighter who is currently out injured, but once he’s fit, he is bound to seek a crossover fight of some sort. He could devalue himself by appearing opposite a YouTuber in the ring, or he could use his profile to help drive AEW and reach a whole new base of support himself. There’s no doubt he’s got the personality and the influence to be a wrestling draw, but would AEW have the dollars to get him onboard?

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