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Wrestling Legend, Jeff Jarrett, Says Mic Skills Are More Important Than Physical Skills In Today’s Landscape

Jeff Jarrett has some interesting words to say about just what’s more important in the realm of pro wrestling these days, and he singles out one rising star in particular to prove his point.

Jeff Jarrett needs no introduction to pro wrestling fans out there. In a nutshell, the man is a multi-time hall of famer and legendary wrestler who has deep roots in the business. A third generation star that has given back to the realm of pro wrestling and picked up quite a few accolades for himself along the way.

It was during an episode of the My World podcast, that Jarrett had this to say on the difference between great physical skills in the ring and exceptional microphone skills and what’s more important, talking specifically about one star in particular: LA Knight.

via Magna Productions on YT

“You’ve got to be above average nowadays with the basics as far as in-ring ability. You don’t have to be great and you don’t have to be spectacular…You’ve got to have that as far as in-ring work, but you better be able to talk, and I mean, you have to have promo skills, and if you’re just average, it ain’t going to work…

I think that is important 30 years ago, 20 years ago, and I think it will be just as important 20 years from now, 30 years from now. He’s always been able to rap, you know, talk, and that, and so, really what he’s always needed, to me, it’s the right opportunity at the right time…”

-via Wrestling Inc (Transcription)

LA Knight has become really popular and although his star may be rising for a major reason—his mic skills—the man has a massive history in the business and has paid his dues. And for the record, he checks all the boxes: In-ring talent, physical look, acting ability and conviction. It’s all there, folks.

He is 40, but in epic shape and his lineage is strong. He has succeeded over at Impact Wrestling as Eli Drake, and even in the NWA, but perhaps what shows his lineage and experience that much more is his having worked with a legend in the business.

Being a Paul Heyman guy is huge for a pro wrestler’s career, but perhaps being a Percy Pringle guy is just as huge if not more. Percy Pringle was of course the late Paul Bearer (William Alvin Moody), and a long list of Percy Pringle guys have been canonized as legends in the business: Steve Austin, The Undertaker, Kane and of course Mankind (Mick Foley), just to name four, but perhaps that’s enough, but what about one more…?

via Shaun Ricker YT

You guessed it! Back when Knight was wrestling as Shaun Ricker (his real name), he was managed by Percy Pringle. In fact he was the last man to be managed by the late legend. In fact Pringle passed away while managing this young star and he knew just how bright Ricker/Knight’s future would be, Pringle stating it just a few days before his own passing.

via Shaun Ricker YT

So yeah, the pro wrestling world is starting to catch on, and maybe the legendary Jeff Jarrett is right, maybe the audience got on his side because of his catchy and flashy microphone work, but there’s some substance behind all that microphone work, and it’s great to see someone like Knight getting the attention he deserves. But once people do a little digging they’ll see just whom it is they’re cheering for, and I suspect those cheers are going to get nothing but louder from here.

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