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Iron Claw Star Jeremy Allen White Discusses Wrestling Role Transition

3 Key Points:

  • Jeremy Allen White adapts to wrestling’s expansive performance style for his role as Kerry Von Erich.
  • Guidance from wrestling veteran Chavo Guerrero influenced White’s approach to character portrayal.
  • The A24 film “The Iron Claw” to feature White, alongside Harris Dickinson and Zac Efron as the Von Erich brothers.

Jeremy Allen White Embraces Wrestling’s Unique Acting Demands

While audiences are familiar with Jeremy Allen White’s knack for portraying complex emotions on screen, his latest venture in “The Iron Claw” as Kerry Von Erich introduced him to a new acting challenge. Expressing his experience in an interview with The Ringer Podcast, White highlighted the contrast between on-screen subtlety and wrestling’s more flamboyant performance requirements.

Transition to a Broad Performance Style

In his interview, White shed light on the challenge of moving away from nuanced performances. Subtlety, a typically desired trait in on-camera work, took a backseat as White delved into the world of professional wrestling. He explained that working on camera typically involves conveying introspection, a stark difference from the larger-than-life personas wrestlers embody.

Chavo Guerrero’s Influence on Performance

Bringing authenticity to their roles, the cast grappled with how to present themselves without overselling their characters. White credits wrestling legend Chavo Guerrero for steering them towards embracing the spectacle of wrestling. The advice to ‘play up the moments’ and deeply engage with the audience became a performance mantra for the cast.

A24’s Anticipated Release Showcasing the Von Erich Legacy

The much-anticipated A24 film will not only star White but also Harris Dickinson and Zac Efron as David and Kevin Von Erich respectively. Their collective depiction of the iconic wrestling family is set to bring the nostalgia and legacy of the Von Erichs to the silver screen, as the film builds anticipation for its December release.

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