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6 Things You May Didn’t Know About David Otunga

David Otunga, an American professional wrestler, is best known for his matches in the WWE. Otunga has had a long and successful career in professional wrestling. But his talents go beyond what he can do in the ring. We were pleasantly surprised by the information we discovered about Otunga’s career. These are 10 facts you didn’t know about David Otunga.

His family  

Otunga was born in Elgin, Illinois on April 7, 1980. His mother Billie is a European-born educator. Moses is his father, and he has family roots in Kenya. David was raised in the home of his parents and his two other siblings, he is the youngest among them.

He earned the Ivy League degree

After graduating from Larkin High School in Illinois, Otunga enrolled at the University of Illinois. The school awarded him his bachelor’s in psychology. While he took some time off from school to work, he never stopped going back to school. He was admitted to Harvard Law School, where he earned a law degree in 2006. Pretty impressive to imagine he planned “I’ll do my PowerPoint presentation for tomorrow’s project presentation and I’ll be a famous lawyer one day”, isn’t it?

His work history is impressive

After completing his bachelor’s, Otunga moved to New York City. He was hired by the Cognitive Neuroscience Center of Columbia University, where he was a laboratory manager. He graduated from Harvard Law School and took the Illinois bar exam. This made him a fully-fledged lawyer. He was recruited by Sidley Austin, which is the largest law firm in the country. From May 2005 to October 2007, he was an attorney at the firm.  

For seven years, he was a professional wrestler  

David began his professional wrestling career in 2008 He was one of the first members of The Nexus’s wrestling team. He evolved with The New Nexus and is the only member to have stayed with it throughout its existence. John Cena and Michael McGillicutty were also part of the team. In 2015, he retired from professional wrestling and became a commentator.

 He no longer wrestles professionally but he remains involved in the sport from the sidelines.

He is an actor

David Otunga had tried acting before he became a professional wrestler. He was a licensed Illinois attorney with a promising career, but he decided to pursue his passion for the entertainment industry. In the short-lived TV series “I Love New York”, he played the role of Punk. He made his television debut. He was fortunate to land his first acting gig in a recurring part. He remained with that series until 2007. He continued to appear in various WWE specials and television series. He has been in some movies as well, for example, “The Call” (2013) or “What Happened Last Night” (2016). Otunga currently has 34 credits under his belt, according to IMDB.

He is a man of the family  

In fall of 2008, Otunga proposed his first marriage to Jennifer Hudson, an actress and singer who was then his girlfriend. In August 2009, Otunga and Hudson welcomed their first child into the world. Their son, David Daniel Otunga Jr. was named after their father. The baby was born healthy at 7 pounds 9 ounces after complications. He has always been there for his family, despite having had his share of problems since the split. Otunga is well-known for his willingness to take time off to be with his family, even when he is not at home.

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