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7 Best Professional Wrestling Schools that Students Can Attend

Do you want to be a wrestler like Hulk Hogan? Do you want to build up an impressive body like Arnold Schwarzenegger? Then you should become a student of a wrestling school. You won’t achieve any substantial results by watching YouTube videos and sparring in your backyard. You need professional mentors!

And gladly enough, there are many in the US. These schools will help you become a formidable opponent on the ring. And the most important thing, they will help you become reliable in terms of self-defense and in the matter of protecting your close ones. If you’re a college or university student, they are a perfect choice for you. So, let’s take a look at the 7 best professional wrestling schools that students can attend.

Monster Factory

This famous wrestling school began its modern history when Danny Cage has bought it in 2010. But the experience of the school goes back to 1986. Some of the most impressive independent wrestlers shine at the events of this school. You will find Bam Bam Bigelow, Big Show, Raven, Balls Mahoney, Chris Candido, and Sheamus among its graduates. Monster Factory provides top-tier wrestling education and holds competitions on a regular basis. This school can enroll students of almost any age, and even children.

School of Morton

The most successful students know how to delegate tasks to the best essay writing service. And the best students of the School of Morton know how to land a blow thanks to their brilliant coach Ricky Morton. This school is situated in the state of Tennessee and its trainer has a lifetime’s worth of experience to share with you. Ricky has spent most of his days wrestling on a ring and you can become his student. The only prerequisite is to be no younger than 18 years old.

The Wild Samoan Training Center

This school is located in the state of Florida and you might be interested in knowing the following facts:

  • It trained the incredible Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson
  • His grandfather, Peter Maivia, is a founder of the school and is a progenitor of one of WWE’s most successful families in history.
  • Five members of his family belong to the WWE Hall of Fame.
  • Mickey Rourke and Batista have passed through their training grounds and you can follow in their steps!

Ohio Valley Wrestling

John Cena won’t let me lie, this school belongs to the best of its kind. The world’s first state-accredited professional wrestling trade school has 30 years of experience. It is run by Danny Davis “The Nightmare” and claims to have Randy Orton, Brock Lesnar, and Cody Rhodes among its alumni. If you dream to learn what they have learned, hire a writer at dissertation writing services and free yourself a semester to attend the Ohio Valley Wrestling school.

Killer Kowalsky School

This professional establishment was founded by a wrestling industry legend, Walter “Killer” Kowalsky, in 1977. Walter is known for his brutality on the ring and is one of the brightest stars in wrestling history. His school adheres to the standards of his training and features great discipline among its students. You can be one of them if you are older than 16 years. For the first two months, you will learn basic moves outside of the ring. And after that, you will be ready to start practicing your matches.


It’s a school based in New York state that offers three levels of professional training for adult students of all sizes. Brian Myers (aka Curt Hawkins), a WWE star, trains alongside the students of the school and provides professional tutelage to everyone. The school will estimate your level. To learn the basics you’ll need a time of up to a year. If your university curriculum presses hard on you, buy an essay to free your schedule for wrestling training.

Johnny Rodz School

Another WWE superstar of the 20th century, Johnny Rodz, is an incredibly productive trainer. He has founded the World of Unpredictable Wrestling that comes directly from the WWE Hall of Fame. Johnny will train you to be a wrestling superstar. In this school, you will learn maneuvers to defeat the most intimidating opponents. The famous alumni of the school are Bill DeMott, Tazz, Matt Striker, and Tommy Dreamer. To enroll, visit Gleason’s Gym in Brooklyn, New York.


No matter how big you are, you can become a professional wrestler if you put in enough effort and dedication. The best way to achieve this is to study under the best mentors in the industry. Wrestling is not just for show. It’s a sport that hones your body and spirit. It teaches you to be formidable. It makes people take you seriously. No bully in college will ever dare to look at you or your friends funny if you study in the gyms that taught John Cena and the Rock.

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