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7 Things to Look for In a Wrestler When Betting

Wrestling is a centuries-old sport that all too many people are most familiar with seeing on their televisions, especially in the evening hours. And when it comes to sports betting, it is not so simple because you must develop an excellent strategy to win.

Placing a bet on professional wrestling is an area where your knowledge and understanding can definitely help you. So, here are some pointers and characteristics to look for in a wrestler when betting.

Past Performance

When it comes to sports betting online, an aspect that bettors should not forget to look into is the past performance of the wrestlers. The past performance of a wrestler can give some insight as to how the wrestler will perform in his upcoming fight.

So, if you want to become a wise bettor, take time to look at the previous data of how well the wrestlers you are interested in fare. In that way, you can quickly identify the wrestler who has a high chance of winning.

TV Presence

During a professional wrestling match, the length and amount of quality time a wrestler gets on TV often predicts who will win. It’s because wrestlers who a company sponsors are promoted to stay in the spotlight for as long as possible to entice bettors and see them crowned as a winner.

So, when you turn on your television to watch professional wrestling matches, such as WWE, look for the wrestler with the most quality time. Then, bet on them because they have the best chance of returning a profit.

Wrestling Ability

Wrestling events appear to shift their focus from wrestling ability to other aspects at times, but wrestling ability remains a factor in determining a successful wrestler. Without a good foundation in their wrestling ability, they will have difficulty standing a chance against other wrestlers in winning wrestling competitions.

Thus, it is essential to research information regarding the wrestling ability of each wrestler competing in the competition. Since it is that way, you will have an idea of who has big odds of winning.


Charisma is defined as the ability to evoke a response and interact with the audience. And a wrestler’s charisma plays a role when bettors and fans alike see them as someone with whom they might want to place a wager.

In addition, when a wrestler doesn’t have charisma, they will come off as dull in the eyes of the bettors, thus lowering their chance of being considered a bet. Although charisma is a significant factor to look for in a wrestler, they must also have the wrestling ability to back them up in terms of their skills.

Fighting Style

Every wrestler’s fighting style significantly impacts how well they perform in competition. Furthermore, fighters in all combat sports can be broadly divided into two camps – brawlers and technicians – and, of course, there are distinct approaches within those two basic styles.

Hence, examine a fighter’s track record to see how they fare against various techniques, and perhaps you will find an insight that is crucial to your betting success. Aside from that, you must also familiarize yourself with the different fighting styles if you are still new to wrestling betting to help you gain knowledge for future betting purposes.

Change In Coach and Manager

Sometimes a fighter will try to change their fortunes by joining a new manager or coaching team so take note of how a change in management leads to success in the ring in wrestling.

For instance, in MMA, an individual may change coaches if they want to improve their skills in a specific area. For example, a brawler may recruit an instructor to help them improve their mat skills, or a technician may want to improve their striking ability and thus hire a trainer with expertise in that profession. When picking a wrestler to bet on, look into their entire coaching staff or manager to learn more about the wrestler’s chances of winning. 

Head-to-Head Record

It goes without saying that one fighter’s style influences the other in combat sports. You will never know what will happen if two wrestlers of similar or different fighting styles go head to head against each other.

As a result, it’s always worth looking at the head-to-head records of the two fighters in question and when comparing the fighters to others of similar height, weight, and technical ability. Focusing on the head-to-head record aspect can help give you a hand to decide who to bet.

Final Thoughts

Professional wrestling is a prominent sport that many people worldwide enjoy, particularly men, because it is centered on combat and involves a variety of attacking and fighting positions. When it comes to betting on professional wrestling, there are many ways to get started, one of which is knowing what to look for in the wrestler. The factors mentioned above will surely help you choose a winning wrestler.

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