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Crypto Wrestling Inu Project: What’s The Essence?

The world of cryptocurrencies is amazing. Both new and old projects are surprising in the way they offer opportunities for people. There are many different crypto projects aimed at various purposes that arouse undisguised interest among investors around the world.

Users around the world are avidly reading news related to the world of cryptocurrencies. Each project is unique, like, for example, the Tron network, which was created so that digital content creators could sell their work without any intermediaries and receive profitable offers in the form of a TRX token.

So just recently, a new project called Crypto Wrestling Inu appeared, which the developers created to provide financial assistance to professional wrestlers in paying their medical bills. For this project, a new $CWI token has been developed, which can already be traded on the exchange.

For the latest news about the crypto world, read the latest news and tips on For now, we will tell you all about the problems that professional wrestlers face, as well as the new crypto project that will make life much easier for athletes.

Wrestling industry

There are millions of wrestling fans around the world who follow the matches and their favorite athletes. If for some period the noise around this sport subsided, then in the previous year professional wrestling again gained unprecedented popularity. Last year, WWE announced that they had a record-breaking annual income never seen before. The annual income was over 1 billion dollars.

The entertainment company makes money from broadcast rights, match tickets sold, licensing, and more. However, this industry is associated with many risks. First of all, professional wrestlers, whose careers are followed by millions of people around the world, face huge risks.

Problems of professional wrestlers

It may seem to many that the life of professional athletes is prosperous. They have huge popularity, are sports stars, and also make good money. However, few people understand that the most important problem of wrestlers is their health.

Over the years, athletes undergo professional training, learn from the best coaches and develop their skills to achieve their goals in life. However, one injury can ruin everything.

Like any other athlete, wrestlers are not immune to injury. Sometimes there are minor injuries and athletes quickly bounce back. However, wrestlers often face serious problems due to which the rehabilitation process can take a long time.

Unfortunately, most athletes are independent contractors. This means that no one helps pay their medical bills if they get injured. Medical bills can be huge, and thus athletes are often left with nothing.

In addition, do not forget what a difficult period has come because of the global pandemic. Professional fights were canceled, and schools of athletes were closed for an indefinite period, which is why professional wrestlers began to face even more serious difficulties.

To date, professional wrestlers Mick Foley and Kurt Angle actively support and help develop the project, which has now reached a market capitalization of over one million dollars.

What’s the essence of the Crypto Wrestling Inu project?

The founders of the project developed it to provide the necessary assistance and support to professional wrestlers around the world. The bottom line is that anyone, including wrestling fans, can help their favorite wrestlers.

Each person can buy the $CWI token. In addition to buying a token, users also pay an additional fee of twelve percent. The fees go to marketing needs, developers, as well as to help professional wrestlers.
At the moment, thanks to the project, many athletes have already been able to receive the necessary assistance. Among them are:
⦁ James Storm;
⦁ Renee Dupree;
⦁ Joe Hendry;
⦁ Thomas Latime;
⦁ Jack Jester.

A portion of the fees goes towards marketing to raise awareness of wrestling industry issues around the world. Numerous billboards, an active online community, as well as world wrestling stars, are doing everything possible to get as many people as possible to join the project.

In the future, the developers plan to help not only professional wrestlers in paying medical bills. As the project develops, the developers are also willing to help with other pressing issues in the industry. They are going to donate money to charity, provide financial support for training schools, buy sports equipment, and much more. Everyone can, with a few simple steps, become a member of the project and contribute.

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