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Famous Wrestlers Known for Their Interest in Casino Gaming

Casino games have become so popular that they are the favourite entertainment of world stars. Did you know that many wrestlers are fans of gambling? According to their reviews, the casino helps them relax after hard tournaments or training. In this article, we will talk about famous wrestlers and their preferences in online casinos.

Why are Wrestlers often Gambling?

Sport has always been an exciting activity. This may be why many famous athletes love gambling and often appear in casinos. After spending time in an online casino, wrestlers relieve stress, relax and practice those skills that are important in their professional activities.

In the modern world, the media most often mentions athletes and gambling in the context of scandals. But there are also those stars who were honest about their hobby and made casinos around the world millions of dollars richer. Let’s talk about some of them:

  1. John Cena: This WWE superstar prefers blackjack and Texas Hold’em and likes to take risks in the slots. The athlete plays both online and offline.
  2. Jeff Hardy: The wrestler has won more than six WWE championships and no less jackpots. Playing his favourite poker and blackjack games, he uses huge bets in risky situations.
  3. Dana White: The UFC’s Ultimate Fighting Championship president is known for his high-stakes games. The athlete is a supporter of clear strategies and calculations. This helps him to be a brilliant blackjack player.
  4. John Morrison: The cult fighter prefers roulette and poker, although he is often seen playing slot machines. After tough fights in the ring, the sportsman likes to visit the famous casino in Los Angeles.

Here’s what the expert states: the best mobile casinos for Austrians offer the best gambling entertainment that can interest even world wrestling stars.

Top 3 Choices of Wrestlers in Austria

Our experts have found the best mobile casinos favoured by even world-famous WWE champions. We offer you to following with them:

  1. Jungliwin: the best welcome bonuses with free spins and colourful slot machines from reputable providers.
  2. Lalabet: fast verification procedure and high-quality games with a live dealer.
  3. Yukon Gold Casino: convenient payment methods and a wide game library with new products from global providers.

Mobile casinos in Austria offer a good gambling experience, and here’s what the expert states about it: “Das sagt der Experte dazu: “Die bestes handy casinos für Österreicher zu entdecken, bedeutet, die perfekte Mischung aus Spannung und Bequemlichkeit zu finden, bei der erstklassige Spiele auf die Vorlieben anspruchsvoller Spieler treffen.”


Sports and gambling share the element of winning. Although winning is only sometimes possible, this does not reduce pleasure. Wrestling stars love to hang out in the arcade like other regular people.

This article features just a few top sports stars who have fallen in love with gambling just like everyone else. At the moment, anyone can do this since many companies provide the opportunity to play online casinos from a mobile phone without leaving home.

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