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History of the D-Generation X Team in WWE

The D-Generation X team, also tagged the DX, was once a revered name in the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). This tag-team was famous for producing some of the most spectacular moments in WWE history.

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The Beginning

D-Generation X team started its journey to WWE stardom in the latter parts of 1997. During this period, the Heartbreak Kid (Shawn Michaels) and his best friend, Hunter Hearst Hemsley (popularly known as Triple H), partnered with the latter’s bodyguard (Chyna). The result? A tag team called D-Generation X.

The name didn’t arrive by coincidence. According to rumors, this naming came from a particular opinion column created by Phil Mushnick — a revered sports columnist of his time. Others speculate that Vince Russo — head writer of the WWF (now WWE) — was the mastermind behind it.

Around the time DX was created, there was an ongoing spat between Shawn and the duo of Undertaker and Bret Hart. Things got messy in the “Badd Blood” event of 1997, where Shawn and Undertaker slugged it out against each other in the maiden “Hell in a Cell” match. Both competitors fought tooth and nail to rank #1 in the WWE arena. Eventually, Shawn came out of the event as the winner, thanks to Kane (Undertaker’s brother).

Following this event, the showstopper went on to battle for the prestigious WWE championship. He would go head to head with Bret Hart in the 1997 Survivor Series. That contest has remained engraved in the memories of ardent wrestling fans. Although Shawn emerged victorious, it was plagued by a series of controversial decisions.

Before the year ran out, Hunter would suffer a groin injury that kept him on the sidelines for several weeks.

The Legacy

Whenever there’s talk of the WWE greats, Shawn Michaels and Triple H are two names that are bound to make the list. Besides their partnership to form the revered DX, they both have 20 WWE championships between them.

Here’s some context into titles they’ve won during their illustrious career:

·        Intercontinental Title

·        European Title

·        Tag Team Title

·        Royal Rumble

·        World Heavyweight Championship

In addition to their impressive résumé, Shawn Michaels and Triple H have also won matchups in popular categories like Hell in a Cell, Elimination Chamber, and Ironman. However, getting all these titles wasn’t easy. They regularly sustained minor and life-threatening injuries.

The Royal Rumble of 1998

The Royal Rumble was an event that most wrestling fans looked towards as it was characterized by unlimited excitement and fun. The 1998 Royal Rumble event wasn’t any different as it saw Shawn Michaels rekindle his longtime spat with the Undertaker.

Although both competitors fought intensely for respect and reputation in their 1997 matchup, this was different. Here, the goal of both wrestlers was to get the most prestigious prize in world wrestling — the WWE Championship. As we’ve established, this wasn’t a usual match, and according to the highlights, it was a lot tougher than the 1997 “Hell in a Cell” match.

This match was known as the “Casket Match.” Shawn was battling severe injuries during the course of the event, but he went on to win despite it. This saw his fame skyrocket in the wrestling arena. This event was personally memorable for Shawn. In an exclusive DVD release, he would discuss his injury and how it affected his career.

Big Bets on This Team to Win

D-Generation X, since its inception, was a popular tag team in the WWE. Their “Suck It” tagline caused a fan frenzy and made waves amongst wrestling aficionados. The group was revolutionary and regularly made their way to popular TV shows to speak ill of the “powers that were.”

Although it was clear that DX made their presence felt on TV screens, they also got their hands dirty when the need arose. This tag-team won loads of events with Shawn Michaels and Triple H leading charge. Thus, it was unsurprising to see wrestling fans eager to place wagers. The gambling options are far less diverse than what’s available nowadays at modern betting sites in Canada. Still, their matches always garnered lots of interest.

Multiple sports channels air reruns of D-Generation X matches. Their legacy remains long after they’ve parted ways, so it looks like they’re still winning to date.

Wrestlemania XIV

Rivalries are constant in the WWE. By the time Wrestlemania XIV was to commence, Triple H, alongside his colleague, Chyna, had a new beef with Owen Hart. On the night of the event, Shawn Michaels, despite his back injury, came to the stage to defend his WWE title. He lost to Stone Cold Steve Austin and Mike Tyson (the enforcer) but gave it a brave trial regardless.

After this defeat, the Heartbreak Kid went into hibernation. The next time he would take the stage was in the Summer Slam of 2002.

The Group’s Disbandment

All good things come to an end, and the same can be said about D-Generation X. Chyna and Triple H left the tag team after the “Wrestlemania XV” event. This disbandment wasn’t all doom and gloom, though, as Triple H, with the help of Chyna, won 5 World titles in the two years following.

In 2006, there were teasers for a comeback with DX making several appearances on RAW. However, any prospect of a proper comeback was shattered when Triple H suffered his second quadricep injury. Apart from RAW, he and Shawn never got together in a major event.


D-Generation X was a WWE tag team that made an indelible dent in the sands of time. They had a mesmeric run and won multiple titles. This group reeked of excitement and fun with Shawn Michaels and Triple H headlining proceedings. Although now disbanded, you can still get a taste of their mind-boggling battles with DVDs like “DX Make Some Noise.”

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