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How To Play Video Games Without Messing Up Your Body

Video games are a buzz these days! It is an excellent form of relaxation and beneficial in a classroom setting.

Games have therapeutic advantages for the elderly. But as the saying goes, every aspect has two sides of the coin; video games are not an exception. Believe it or not but they are addictive.

You only sit for long hours in front of the screen without making any movement. Video games consume a lot of time, affecting your lifestyle causing a heavy toll on your health. But don’t worry, there lies a solution to every problem.

Here are the ways to play video games without messing up your body.

Protect your eyes

It is easy to take your vision for granted if you have a passion for playing video games. Your favorite hobby demands staring at a screen at all times while playing. However, staring at your computer screen or TV continuously for long hours deteriorates your vision.

Luckily you can take care of your eyes by looking away from the screen every 20 mins and staring at other things around you. Multiple apps and web-based tools will remind you to take your eyes away in regular intervals.

Keep a good posture

Getting absorbed in a game makes you forget everything going around you, be it conversations or your own body. Sitting all day long playing is associated with a lot of ailments. Try not to slouch on the couch while sitting. The key to a good posture is maintaining the three spine’s natural curves. Try to sit with an inward curve at the neck’s top and lower back with an outward curve at the upper back.

An ergonomic gaming chair is a good choice for sitting while playing if you are willing to invest. But it is ok if you are using an ordinary chair. The key is to sit up straight with your back against the chair with shoulders at the back.

Take breaks

Sitting for extended periods is mostly unavoidable while playing video games. It is hard to remember getting up and moving around in the middle of the fun, especially when using hacks and cheats. Undetected hacks like are an asset to your game but do not forget to take breaks.

Spending a few minutes walking or stretching will prevent health issues that playing video games continuously for a long time can cause. You can do simple stretching of your wrists and hips while touching your toes.

Take healthy snacks and drink water

As you play continuously, your muscles and tendons fatigue as they repeatedly move over the same surface. When you reach a point when your eyes begin to hurt, and you get a crick in the neck, it is time to take a break. Try to drink plenty of water and healthy snacks.

It is tempting to drink coffee, alcohol, or soda, but all these will dehydrate you and make you tired soon. Healthy snacks will reduce the chances of waking up in a pile of crumbs after playing for a long time.

Take sleep

There is always a correlation between playing video game addiction and sleep deprivation. You should not get into the habit of playing video games to such an extent that you do not get adequate sleep. Lack of sleep can cause obesity and affects your immune system. Gaming immediately before going to bed increases the time you take to fall asleep.

So, stop playing at least an hour before you go to bed. Try sleeping for 6-8 hours a day. If you cannot get that, try to get some brief naps lasting 30 mins throughout the day.

Manage time

Playing video games is not bad, but it is time to think if they start taking over your life. Try to manage your time appropriately to improve your gaming and personal life. Try to prioritize your choices and complete them before you start playing. It will help you use your time productively and improve your health.


Taking care of your body might seem like extra work when you have many other exciting things like playing video games. Yet not treating your body with care can have a severe impact on your health. Follow the above ways to enjoy playing video games without messing up your body in the future!

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