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Mark Henry Discloses Why He Feels Wrestling Companies Don’t Want Stars to Outshine Them.

Mark Henry has been a star in wrestling, debuting his career in 1996, which led to the WWE signing after competing in the Summer Olympics. In his career, Henry has worked during the Attitude Era, which propelled his career to exceptional heights. 

The 50-year old Olympic weightlifter, Henry, has witnessed the rise of stars like The Rock, Steve Austin, and the legendary John Cena. He has earned several accolades, with two gold medals (1992 and 1996) with a WDFPF record. 

During his All Elite Wrestling (AEW) career, Henry feels like he has witnessed everything he could in wrestling. The star couldn’t shy away from sharing his thoughts about what wrestlers have to put up with under their management companies. We recap everything Henry concerning the AEW dark and how managers are subjective in their decisions. 

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Back to Mark Henry on his candid expression about wrestling companies!

During the Swerve City Podcast, Henry finally shared what it has been like working with wrestling brands and an individual’s professional growth.

According to Mark Henry, no one regards a wrestler in the esteem they do when valuing other industries. Therefore, there is no collective agreement or threshold to know who they should ban, block, suspend, or end deals with. This remark follows the negative criticism after fans and other people spread rumors they know nothing about wrestling. 

There is no collaboration and no code to follow for wrestling professionals and enthusiasts. Henry says that black people can’t collaborate during concerts, and it is a continuous trend that everyone is unwilling to break. 

As per Henry’s observation, there is this perception that “you can’t tell people about your contracts.” He has taken it to himself to emphasize the need to work together even when competing for the same prize. 

How the System Works for Top Stars

While commenting on how the WWE system works and how it impacts the lives of legends, Henry feels like more can be done to better the system. 

“The system is set to function in a particluar way and everyone takes care of the top game more than the product. They are in charge of the people in there and once they start complainig, the entire system is bound to change,” adds Henry. 

Well, this is not what the brands want to see, and they would do as much as they can to separate the individuals. Those who can speak cannot because they receive more privileges to shut them down. Reaching out will mean sacrificing your benefits. 

When the name on the card says more than the fans.

While commenting on this issue, Henry acknowledges that they are the reason everyone comes. ‘It’s our name that makes people get paid -they put our name, and it draws fans,” he adds. 

David Lagreca also echoes the same sentiments after their engagement with Hogan. If they have shows at The Garden with their names on it, they will sell out,” the confident Lagreca remarks. 

What it Would Mean if Individuals Outshine the Brand

Swerve asked Mark Henry to share his thoughts on professionals superseding the brand. “The company doesn’t want to see that happen and no one person should have that for themselves. It’s like giving power to one person,” adds Henry.

Imagine being the rock where everyone calls their shots! Many stars like Undertaker and Steve Austin can just say no, and you can’t argue about anything. It is about the brand and not what other people think. 

In an attempt to make WrestleMania prominent, they can put anyone they deem fit. I mean, not AEW, WWE, or New Japan! It’s in their right to flourish, and there is nothing wrong with that. 

Even though Henry doesn’t feel mad about this desire, WrestleMania shouldn’t be more than an event or even a star’s career. Henry prefers hearing from a brand that they cannot do what he suggests because doing so means we have to extend the same for other parties. 

This is impossible for our company, but we have another idea, what about this contract? “Well, it’s not your decision, but I will push the envelope as I have always done,” says Henry!

The New Trend

Henry and Swerve have an existing partnership with AEW. From the Fightful insights, it is obvious that wrestling companies want to progress at the expense of top stars. They have no say about the decisions, and being bigger than the brand may not apply to wrestling companies.

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