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The 5 Most Feared Wrestling Tag Teams of All-Time

Tag team wrestling has entertained millions of people across the country over the years. While some consider it a dated art, others think tag team wrestling is the apex of sports and entertainment.

We’re with the latter group and look at tag team history with respect and nostalgia.  Today we relive wrestling history to present the best tag teams ever to grace television. 

1. The Dudley Boyz

Comprised of Bubba Ray Dudley and half-brother D-Von Dudley, the Dudley Boyz is among the most decorated tag teams ever. Together, they’ve won more Tag Team Championships than any other team in the history of WWE.

Their notable career highlights include February 2000, when they defeated the New Age Outlaws and became WWF Tag Team Champions at No Way Out. They wrestled in the WWE for six years and won tag team titles en times. They are the only tag team in wrestling history to have won the WWE, IWGP, WCW, TNA, and ECW tag team championships.

Many critics say they never expected The Dudley Boyz to achieve this success, let alone become WWE Hall of Famers. When they debuted in the summer of 1995, the pair was seen as an odd pair with little potential.

But they soon proved everyone wrong, wrestling in nearly every major organization (and dominating each one)!

2. The New Age Outlaws

Jesse James and Billy Gunn joined forces in 1997, reportedly for no other reason than to “give them something to do”.  There was little faith in the duo.  However, that same year, they defeated the Legion of Doom and became WWF Tag Team Champions.

But that was just the start of their success story.

Created on a whim, the New Age Outlaws would frequently win over the audience’s hearts. Fans would jump up in a frenzy when they’d come out and start chanting along with them.

Other times, they’d get booed out of the building once a match would start. There’s no doubt about it; this unique heel tag team was both loved and hated by wrestling fans.

Moreover, the New Age Outlaws were one of the most featured tag teams from 1998 to 2000.  During that timeframe, they won six Tag Team Championships in WWE, held the WWF World Tag Team Championship five times, and won the WWE Tag Team Championship once.

There’s no doubt the New Age Outlaws took the world by surprise. They went from being an afterthought to one of the most feared wrestling tag teams in the sport.

3. Demolition

We’ve seen our fair share of good wrestling names over the years.  And Demolition certainly fits that bill.

Ax and Smash dominated the tag team wrestling scene from 1988 to 1990. They were two of the toughest, no-nonsense brawlers to step foot in an arena.

They’re largely known for their trademark gear: all black leather gear and painted faces. The imposing appearance, intimidating size, and aggressive style made them a fan favorite.

In 1988, Demolition became WWF Tag Team Champions after defeating Strike Force. That victory was only the start of a legendary career, and the wins kept coming.

Throughout their reign, Demolition won the WWE tag team title three times. Unfortunately, due to health problems, Ax was eventually replaced by Crush.  And this, unfortunately, brought their impressive run to an end.

While their time in the spotlight only lasted two years, Demolition is often touted as one of the best tag teams ever.  And with a name like that, we wouldn’t expect any less!

4. The British Bulldogs

The British Bulldogs were the most successful tag team to ever compete across the pond! Consisting of cousins Davey Boy Smith and Dynamite Kid, this professional tag team was Britain’s pride and joy.

Davey Boy and Dynamite Kid competed worldwide through the 1980s, from Britain to North America and Japan. With Davey’s powerful hits and Dynamite’s unapproachable in-ring skills, they have consistently ranked among the best tag teams in WWE history.

Notable highlights from this duo include defeating Greg Valentine & Brutus Beefcake in 1986. This match earned them the WWF Tag Team Championship at Wrestlemania II.  They also engaged in a legendary rivalry with the Hart Foundation from 1986 to 1987.

Unfortunately, Dynamite Kid experienced a back injury in 1986, which diminished the team’s momentum. While Davey Boy Smith went on to have a successful solo career in pro wrestling, he is best remembered as one of the most feared tag team competitors.

5. The Hart Foundation

A list of the best tag teams ever wouldn’t be complete without The Hart Foundation.

Bret Hart, known as the “Hitman”, and Jim Neidhart, “The Anvil”, are veterans of the Calgary Stampede wrestling days. The team formed in the 1980s and faced their rival, the British Bulldogs, for the WWF Tag Team Championship in 1987.

The Hart Foundation came out victorious.

That same year, they teamed up with Danny Davis to defeat the British Bulldogs and Tito Santan in Wrestlemania III. When Dynamite Kid was injured, the Harts engaged in other feuds. These included spouts with Demolition, the Fabulous Rougeau Brothers, and Strike Force.

They were known as much for their storylines as their ring antics.  Neidhart would typically wear down their opponents, and Hart would finish them off.

One thing is for sure; this tag team duo always delivered great matches worth viewing. The Hart Foundation was one of the best tag teams throughout the 1980s.

The Takeaway

Pro-wrestling has a long and storied history of dynamic duos. While determining the all-time best tag teams is essentially a matter of opinion, we can all agree that these wrestling duos have cemented their reputation as legends in the ring.

Whether you’re a fan of The Dudley Boyz or The Hart Foundation, there is no denying that these were some of the most feared wrestling tag teams of all time.

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