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The 7 Best Pro Wrestlers Who Became Movie Stars

Wrestlers are among the best-conditioned and ripped athletes on the planet. To make it as a pro wrestler, you must be physically capable of enduring cage matches, body bombs, and chair smashes.

You’ll also need something more difficult to assess: the ability to develop a memorable figure that transcends the ring and transforms into something altogether else.

Inspired by the Thai article about pro wrestlers who became movie stars, here’s our take on them, in no particular order. 

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

The Rock has made the most seamless transition from professional wrestling to Hollywood films. Dwayne Johnson made his acting debut in The Mummy Returns back in 2001. 

He’s also a part of the Fast and Furious and Jumanji movie series. With the DC picture Black Adam, the wrestler-turned-actor will also delve into the world of superheroes. 

Mr. Dwayne Johnson has an unusual capacity to make practically any movie better only by being there, whether he’s kicking butts, tickling funny bones, or (often) both.

John Cena

With the 2006 film The Marine, he soared to fame. He started as a WWE superstar and probably the finest wrestler in the company’s history. In addition, he has since expanded his career beyond the ring and onto the big screen. 

Steve “Stone Cold” Austin

Steve Austin has a reputation for being a rowdy and loud individual. Austin started his acting career in The Longest Yard, despite being a six-time WWE Champion. 

His most notable acting appearance was in The Condemned, a WWE-produced action film. The term “stone cold” is used to characterize someone who is forthright.

Dave Bautista

Although Dave Bautista has already retired from sports entertainment, he’s renowned for his role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Drax the Destroyer. He has also appeared in other Avengers Series, and multiple Guardians of the Galaxy flicks.

Trish Stratus

Bounty Hunters, starring Trish Stratus, was released in 2011. She also played a supporting role in the 2015 film Gridlocked. Stratus is a WWE Hall of Famer who has wrestled as both a babyface and a villain during her career.

Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey, like numerous other wrestlers on this list, began her acting career in an Expendables film before moving on to portray a villain in a Fast and Furious film. Rousey’s physique was crucial in both roles. 

While her acting skills may use some improvement, she receives a special mention for her cameo in the Entourage movie. One of the famous scenes in the film is when she has Turtle tap out.

Hulk Hogan

Before the Attitude Era, he was maybe the biggest WWE star. Hogan has been in films such as No Holds Barred (1989) and Suburban Commando, Mr. Nanny, and Santa with Muscles.

Mr. Hogan has also starred in family dramas like Suburban Commando, Mr. Nanny, and Santa with Muscles. In 1997, Brutus Beefcake had a cameo appearance in Hogan’s film The Ultimate Weapon.

Honorable Mentions

Though many others could have made the list, you might also have a favorite among the rest. Here are a few names of iconic pro wrestlers who have been seen on the big screen.

  • Sasha Banks
  • Andre the Giant
  • The Great Khali
  • Triple H
  • Randy Savage

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