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The most famous wrestlers

Wrestling is a production. It’s a very demanding and dangerous production. One mistake and a wrestler can get hurt so badly that he’ll be out of work for a year. Or even ruin your career, especially if it’s not your own. And there have been fatal accidents in the ring. So in this business, it is customary to retire at the age of forty – more often than not, athletes’ bodies do not withstand. But some of them are faithful to their calling till the end – despite injuries and immediate risk of life, they do not leave the ring. 

Today let’s remember about ten legendary wrestlers who could be seen on TV in the late nineties – early noughties. And all of them are still performing today. The photos are the most recent, and the hypnosis will help refresh your memory of their finishing tricks. Another entertainment is also provided. For example, you can find out how to play Teen Patti online. This game can bring to life good leisure.

Wrestling legends include the following personalities:

  • Mark Calloway;
  • Glen Jacobs;
  • Bill Goldberg and others.

Ray Mysterio, Jr.

The wrestler made his debut in 1989.

Oscar Rubio, nephew of legendary Mexican wrestler Ray Mysterio Sr. He, is a hereditary wrestler who has been in the ring since he was 14 years old. He is also the most famous representative of the Lucha libre style in the west. Not only because of his ring skill (which is still good) but also because he spent most of his career in the Western majors. In Mexico, though, Mysterio has struggled a lot, too.

Ray is a typical high-flyer. Lots of jumps, intricate acrobatics, and quick punches. His most famous movie is the 619 finisher, which is precisely what you can see in the gif. To perform with this style at 45 is quite a feat. Ray’s matches against big wrestlers are spectacular because Mysterio himself is only 168 centimeters tall. However, that hasn’t stopped him from amassing a mountain of titles, winning “The Royal Battle” in 2006, and putting together a very textured team with a 6’2″ (or even bigger) giant, Big Show. 

Mysterio now competes in WWE regularly. He even recently won the U.S. Championship. But the central storyline for him is preparing his son Dominick for his ring debut. He had appeared on TV before and even managed a couple of holds.

Shane McManus.

Shaun McManus of the Dockers signals to his team mates up the field during the 1995 round 17 AFL match between the Essendon Bombers and the Fremantle Dockers

He made his debut in 1988.

Shane is the native son of WWE owner Vince McMahon Jr. (current WWE owner) and grandson of Vince Sr. Of course, he holds a position in management, but Shane has been in the ring as a wrestler since an early age. Of course, he is remembered for many memorable confrontations – if any wrestler was “fighting the system,” then Shane was usually fighting on the side of the system. However, at WrestleMania 17, he had a chance to fight his father.

The top stories, of course, can be explained by the fact that his dad did his best, but Shane also stood out with his skills in the ring. His main thing was his dangerous jumps from anywhere he could. The ropes rack across the ring, the commentary table, the lighting fixtures, and the high cage in the Hell in a Cell match. Shane has always been explicitly associated with hardcore matches – dangerous and bloody. 

From 2009 to 2016, Shane didn’t appear in the ring and didn’t make many public appearances at all. But then he came back for an epic fight with Coffin Man. Everyone expected it to be a one-time appearance, but no. First, Shane had a few more rows, and then he started performing on a full schedule, making matches at weekly shows. Now McManus has retaken a break and hasn’t appeared on screens in months, but I’m sure it’s temporary.

Rob Van Dam.

Robert “Van Dam” Schatkowski is one of the most recognizable faces of the now-defunct ECW promotion. The federation specialized in hardcore, often brutal fights and is still alive in the hearts of wrestling fans today. Of course, ECW welcomed the most desperate fighters with the most dangerous moves. Van Dam is a rare example of a wrestler that people remembered because of the matches, not the storylines.

Robert took the pseudonym Van Dam because of the outward resemblance to actor Jean-Claude Van Damme. In addition, Robert was also fond of martial arts and kickboxing – this is what he built his style on. In his training, he was helped by an absolute classic of wrestling, The Original Sheik, and his nephew Sabu – also a hardcore legend who still performs today in his 55 years. 

Van Dam is a technical wrestler who relies on jumps and intricate moves inspired by martial arts movies. Hook kicks, leg kicks, and other karate stuff. That’s not counting the typical wrestler’s flights of fancy off the ropes. He is especially popular in Japan, where he became a legend in the nineties. Rob successfully competed in WWE in the early noughties, where he racked up sixteen titles and teamed up with Kane and Booker-Tee. He is now a regular on the Impact Wrestling promotion. And you can see his legendary fights on this site. Two other ECW legends still hold matches there, Rhyno (44) and Tommy Dreamer (48).

Dustin “Goldust” Rhodes 

He debuted in 1988.

Dustin is the son of Dusty “The American Dream” Rhodes, a legendary wrestler from the “golden era” of wrestling who worked as a creative for WWE after his active career ended. For a long time, Dustin performed under his real name without any flashy image. At the same time, he was pretty successful, but he did not go beyond the middleweight fights. He became a legend in 1995 when Goldust was born. The gold jumpsuit, the painted face, the creepy wig, and the repulsive femininity that reminded him of sexual perversions and serial killers was a bold image.

Chris Jericho

He debuted in 1990.

Chris “Jericho” Irvine is one of the hardest working wrestlers on our list. He toured the world for five years before making it to WCW, where he became almost its main face. Chris has performed in small promotions in Japan and CMLL in Mexico. So he can do both traditional western wrestling and Lucha libre. 

Then came a series of decisive confrontations with all the biggest stars of his time, first in WCW and then in WWE. Chris fought The Rock, China, Booker-Tee, Steve Austin, and many more. He almost always performed as the most charismatic villain possible. He has over forty titles to his credit, winning the WWE Intercontinental belt nine times alone. Once, he even held the company’s two most enormous belts at once, the World Heavyweight Championship and the WWE Championship. Many would argue that Chris is the most outstanding wrestler of modern times.

Jericho left WWE on and off. At the same time, he wrestled in the indies and Japan, taking titles. Somehow, he even managed to tour with his rock band Fozzy (founded in 1999, Chris was a lead vocalist). In the end, Jericho finally left WWE, and this year he co-founded a new promotion called AEW. He also became the first AEW champion and owns the belt right now. To give you an idea of how cool this is, AEW is, in the eyes of the wrestling community, the main rival of the WWE wrestling giant.

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