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TOP 5 Wrestlers who have college degrees

Wrestling is thought to be a sport that only requires muscles. However, some wrestlers have defied the odds to enter the ring with college degrees. A college degree has enabled different wrestlers to achieve diverse fortunes.

The pursuit of college degrees demystifies the myth that all you need is muscle strength to win a wrestling match. It has also helped students to realize that they can pursue other interests while still in class. Some of these wrestlers have used their degrees to earn respect and livelihood outside the ring.

Here are top wrestlers with college degrees.

  1. Boby Lashley

Boby earned his degree more than 22 years ago. He wanted to be a human service agency manager. He joined Missouri Valley College from where he graduated in 1999. Can someone do my homework for me to help me pursue other interests while in college? Writing services will enable you to complete the assignments easily while playing on the college athletics team or chasing other goals.

Boby’s wrestling dream was nurtured in college when he joined the Vikings Wrestling team. However, he has had to wait for 22 years to become the WWE champion.

Lashley holds the record for the most MVC takedowns at 520 for the school. He has also been inducted into the MVC Hall of Fame. He joined the army to continue his muscle-related battles after college. He enjoyed mixed fortunes while in the army.

He joined professional wrestling after a few years in the cold. Considering the time it has taken him to get to the top, he is poised to dominate the sport for a while. He is also expected to enjoy considerable success in WrestleMania when he meets Drew Mclntyre.

  • Dolph Ziggler

How is wrestling related to politics? All are games of domination and no one demonstrates it better than Dolph Ziggler. Dolph graduated from Kent State University in 2003. Dolph is also a minor in Pre-law, one of the toughest and most prestigious combinations.

Dolph has enjoyed considerable success in WWE. He has learned the art of coalition building and lobbying by teaming up with Robert Roode in WWE. Ziggler is a charismatic wrestler who is loved inside the ring and beyond.

Dolph will capture your attention by his use of wit instead of muscle. He has floored some of the toughest opponents in the ring to everyone’s disbelieve. It appears that political science and law are helping him to win more trophies at WWE.

  • Mandy Rose

Rose is not just beautiful and athletic. She has a brain to match her charming appearance. She has beaten other people beyond the opponents she faces inside the ring. She considered herself God’s greatest creation because she has the strength, the beauty, and the brain.

Mandy earned her degree in Speech-Language Pathology years ago from Iona College. However, be beautiful wrestler had other ideas about life. She decided to pursue a career in fitness. It would eventually lead her to WWE as one of the most successful women wrestlers.

She began the journey to WWE by entering a fitness competition after school. The entry was fun until she won the competition and had no idea what to do. A year later, she joined the world competition. It took her a year to prepare, and win. There was no turning back for her.

  • Dana Brooke

Dana pursued Fashion, Design, and Merchandising before joining wrestling. She also added a minor in Business administration from Kent State University. She partners with Mandy Rose at WWE, making one of the most formidable brainy, and muscular couples in WWE.

  • Big E

The intercontinental champion is also an academic genius. He graduated from Iowa University with a degree in Health and Sports. He even taught at the university and started his Master’s classes. Today, he uses his brains to break the bones of his opponents and hold the continent at wrestling ransom.

Wrestling requires more than muscles as demonstrated by these champions. Their academic achievements have helped them to win trophies and dominate in their spheres. You can only underrate these wrestling champions at your peril.

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