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WWE Inks A Deal To Develop A New Game

World Wrestling Entertainment has signed an accord to develop a new sequence of wrestling games that are expected to hit the shelf soon. It is assumed to be a role-playing wrestling game. In a meeting where the audience was mostly (80%) gamers, the chief brand manager of WWE stated about the current earnings of the company. Gaming is to be the core focus of the company, and we will try to expand this division further.

Assortment of hacks and cheats

WWE is a highly competitive game. You need superlative combat skills to survive. But there is help near you. The WWE hacks from makes survival easy as you can detect the enemies and face them confidently. An assortment of hacks and cheats are available that provide crucial information about the foes, like their position nature of the weapons they are carrying. The ESP hack sharpens your sixth sense that enhances the overall gameplay. The hacks and cheats can be customized according to your need, like a field of view, aim radius, and recoil. Many gamers assume these hacks wreck their gaming experience, but in reality, it increases your chance of winning without avid interference.

Role-playing game

The publisher did not reveal too much about the upcoming sequence, but it would be more of a role-playing game genus. The new version would be completely different from the current WWE sequences developed by 2K Games. The upcoming RPG game is more likely to be a video game rather than a PC one. The major game WWE2K22 was published in March after being called off due to major glitches. The title was re-launched after a year break; this period was utilized for gameplay working with technical partners. The relaunch satisfied the expectation and trust of customers and franchisees and, in some aspects, surpassed their expectations. 

Recorded 5.6m hours of viewership

The WWE2K was a grand success in the gaming niche as it achieved the highest Metacritic on both platforms, Xbox and PlayStation. Moreover, it recorded 5.6m hours of viewership on Twitch as of date. The company stated the expected revenue in the role-playing video market is expected to reach $22,471 million by 2023. Collaboration is expected with SuperCard, Champion, and Scopely to enhance the performance of mobile games. Previously there were whispers about an accord with Electronic Arts for upcoming sequences, but that does not hold true.


Other developers are also entering the wrestling video game industry; recently, AEW stated about the upcoming title AEW Fight Forever featuring two new wrestling characters. WWE matches are becoming more bloodthirsty because of more weapons used in matches. Traditionally collar and elbow ties up were only used. As matches unfold, everyone wants to grab devious and forbidden weapons to gain an edge. WWE2K22 is no different from the preceding sequences. Few weapons are canceled under the rug. But it is not stated clearly how to acquire and use it. Acquiring the weapon from under the arena can be done by holding L1 on PlayStation, LB on Xbox, and a specified key on PC.

Grab hidden weapons 

Whether it is an extreme rule match or wants to crack a few chair shots at your opponent when the referee is preoccupied, it is critical to know how to grab those weapons instantly. As the match begins, move the wrestling character near the rope to depart from the arena, press the R1 button on PlayStation, and RB on Xbox, and allocate the key to the PC. Now move the player to the middle of the apron. As the avatar lifts the apron, a weapon wheel will be displayed. You can choose the desired weapon from the assortment. The nature of weapons varies according to the rules applied to the match. Also, you can modify exhibition matches, enabling you to select your favorite weapon to slaughter the opponent. Here is a list of weapons that can be found; a baseball bat, steel chair, hockey stick, spade, sledgehammer, and table.


In a court order, WWE2K publisher and WWE it was given a verdict to pay compensation to a tattoo artist whose drawing appeared in many wrestling matches. The court ordered the accused entities to pay a sum of $3750 to Catherina Alexander, who premeditated a tattoo for a professional wrestler Randy Orton. But Alexander was not satisfied with the verdict and pleaded for a higher amount, including a part of the profit from the game.

The exclusive right to 2K

The WWE is a highly competitive game. You need some hacks and cheats to boost your profile. As the developer 2K is teaming up with World Wrestling Entertainment, the games are expected to be more competitive. This agreement entitles 2K exclusive right to launch WWE video games transversely on all main platforms and distribution channels. Yukes, the Japan-based company, will continue to develop WWE games, but 2K will publish them. The new accord gives WWE games a push towards becoming the leading video game brands in the world. Both 2K and Yukes look forward to developing and publishing new WWE games that will entertain players.

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