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Matt Cardona Craves Another WrestleMania Moment Despite Thriving on the Indie

One Big Thing

Matt Cardona, the former Zack Ryder, has found great success on the independent wrestling scene since his WWE release in 2020. However, he admits that he still yearns for another WrestleMania moment and the feeling of performing in a big arena.

Key Points

  • Cardona has reinvented himself as the “Indie God” and makes more money working on his own terms than he did in WWE.
  • His goal after being released wasn’t to prove people wrong but to prove himself right.
  • Wrestling Edge on AEW Collision in a real arena reminded him of how much he misses that feeling.
  • Cardona wants to have another WrestleMania moment and perform at major events like All In at Wembley Stadium.

Injury as a Wake-Up Call

Despite being named “Indie Wrestler of the Year” twice by Pro Wrestling Illustrated, Cardona recently suffered a torn pectoral muscle. Surprisingly, he sees this setback as a potential turning point in his career:

“I feel like this injury — not like I needed to get injured — but I feel like maybe I did to kind of be like, ‘Okay … we’re working our a** off, but maybe we need to work a little harder. Maybe we can’t be satisfied with being the ‘Indie God.’ Maybe we need to get to one of these big companies.”

Why It Matters

Matt Cardona’s journey from WWE superstar to independent wrestling sensation highlights the ever-changing landscape of the industry. His desire to return to the big stage while still thriving on the indies showcases the allure of major promotions and the opportunities they provide. Cardona’s story also emphasizes the importance of adaptability and the drive to constantly improve oneself in the world of professional wrestling.

Do you think Matt Cardona will eventually make his way back to WWE or AEW? Leave a comment below with your thoughts!

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