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AEW’s Bryan Keith Reveals His Inspiring Mentorship with WWE Legend Booker T


  • Bryan Keith’s remarkable journey into AEW with guidance from the legendary Booker T.
  • Despite the uphill battle in AEW, Keith finds success and recognition outside of the promotion.
  • Keith’s deep appreciation for Booker T extends beyond mentorship, viewing him as family.

Rising AEW star Bryan Keith is making headlines, not only for his in-ring potential but for his profound connection with his mentor, WWE Hall of Famer Booker T. In a candid conversation on the “AEW Unrestricted” podcast, Keith unveils the scope of Booker T’s influence on his career, a relationship that has shaped his journey into AEW and continues to guide him.

Beneath the Bright Lights of AEW

Keith’s transition to AEW is a tale of perseverance and mentorship. Signing a full-time deal with the promotion was a milestone, heavily influenced by the guidance and support of Booker T. Keith’s admission of Booker T being more like family showcases the depth of their connection. “He’s been super supportive and super knowledgeable at all points of my career… it’s like my life’s a movie,” Keith shared, reflecting on the surreal nature of his journey.

Despite facing stiff competition in AEW, where Keith has yet to secure a one-on-one victory in six matches, his determination remains unshaken. Facing top talents like Eddie Kingston, Hangman Page, and Kyle O’Reilly, Keith’s challenges within AEW underscore his resilience. Beyond AEW, Keith’s prowess shines, with notable successes in Ring of Honor and the defense of the DPW National Championship.

Legacy of Guidance

Booker T’s role extends beyond a mentor to an indispensable pillar in Keith’s career. This relationship underscores the significance of mentorship in wrestling, where legends like Booker T help shape the futures of emerging talents like Bryan Keith. It’s a testament to the wrestling community’s spirit of passing down knowledge, experience, and support.

Keith’s journey, enriched by Booker T’s mentorship, is a compelling narrative of success, struggle, and the invaluable bonds formed within the wrestling world. As Keith continues to carve his path in AEW and beyond, the influence of Booker T’s guidance is unmistakable, driving him towards achieving his dreams against all odds.

What are your thoughts on the impact of mentorship within professional wrestling? Have you seen other instances where mentorship had a noticeable effect on a wrestler’s career? Share your views in the comments below.

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