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Alexa Bliss Reveals The Intriguing Meaning Behind Her Daughter’s Name And Prepares for WWE Return

WWE Superstar Alexa Bliss, known for making headlines, is currently off the WWE television. However, she remains in the news, stirring curiosity and placeholders for her highly anticipated return. Now, apart from her wrestling career, Bliss has fans excited for another reason – she recently revealed the meaning behind her daughter’s name.

Alexa and her husband, Ryan Cabrera, have embarked on a new journey of parenthood and are awaiting the birth of their baby girl, who they have lovingly named Hendrix Rouge Cabrera. Upon this announcement, fans tried guessing and dissecting the relationship of the unique choice of name to Bliss’s life, leading to an interesting revelation.

Adding to the intrigue, Bliss took to Twitter to answer a fan’s question concerning the inspiration for their daughter’s name. The pro-wrestling superstar revealed, “Hendrix, after Jimi Rouge, for a few personal reasons in relation to the color Red,” indicating that the rock legend Jimi Hendrix played a significant role in her choice of name. The “Rouge” part is a tribute to a personal circumstance associated with the color red.

Intriguingly, many fans speculated that ‘Rouge’ might indicate a possibility of Bray Wyatt’s association with Alexa Bliss stemming from her past storyline, a notion seemingly confirmed by Bliss liking those tweets. Wyatt, known for his character ‘The Fiend’, associated with the color red, had a critical role to play in Alexa’s recent gimmick.

In anticipation of the imminent arrival of Hendrix Rouge, the couple has even got matching pregnancy pillows, ensuring a nestling comfort for their daughter in due time.

However, being a thoroughbred wrestling superstar, Bliss isn’t letting her pregnancy slow down her career. She acknowledges her fans’ longing and plans to prepare for her in-ring return shortly after giving birth.

Fans eagerly await both, the birth of Hendrix and Alexa’s return to the ring. However, time is the only referee here in deciding when the highly dependable superstar will make her much-awaited return.

As we follow these exciting developments in the blissful journey of Alexa Bliss, we would love to hear your views on this unfolding story in the comments below.

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