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Alexis Lete Responds to Criticism from WWE NXT Stars Perez and Jade

3 Key Points

  • Alexis Lete clarifies her WWE departure and addresses comments from fellow NXT stars.
  • Roxanne Perez and Cora Jade’s social media interaction leads to public controversy.
  • Former WWE recruit takes a stand against what she perceives as unprofessional behavior.

Alexis Lete Addresses NXT Stars’ Online Remarks

Alexis Lete, a recent WWE Performance Center release, has taken to social media to voice her displeasure regarding the behavior of NXT stars Roxanne Perez and Cora Jade. On Instagram, Perez acknowledged Lete’s departure, which was subsequently met with Jade expressing support for Perez. This exchange did not sit well with Lete, who found herself the subject of unexpected public attention.

Lete Shares Personal Video Rebuttal

The former Miss Indiana, Alexis Lete, published a video in which she criticized the actions of Perez and Jade, suggesting their conduct was unnecessary and contributed to negative commentary online. She highlighted her intention to personally inform her followers of her WWE status but was preempted by Perez’s comment.

Conflict Highlighted on Social Media

Following the online dispute, Roxanne Perez—recognized for championing mental health—seemingly responded with an Instagram Stories post that appeared to advocate for strong personal boundaries despite kindness.

Insight Into Lete’s WWE Departure

On a more reflective note, Alexis Lete provided further context to her WWE exit through a detailed video explanation. She discussed her personal reservations about the wrestling industry, including the high injury risk and her lack of passion for the sport, leading up to her release from the company while contemplating resignation.

Conclusion and Wrestlers’ Reactions

As tensions between the involved WWE NXT personalities simmer down, the wrestling community is left to assess the situation, bearing in mind the personal and professional nuances that come to light amid public and behind-the-scenes conflicts in the world of professional wrestling.

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