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Amanda Huber Defends JoJo Offerman Against Judgmental Remarks After Bray Wyatt’s Death

One Big Thing

Amanda Huber, widow of Brodie Lee, publicly supports JoJo Offerman, Bray Wyatt’s partner, against online criticism following her attempt to find joy after Wyatt’s demise.

Why It Matters

Grieving in the public eye brings unique challenges, especially in the tightly-knit world of professional wrestling. Huber’s defense of Offerman underscores the broader issue of privacy, grief, and the right to heal.

Key Moments

  • Bray Wyatt’s passing deeply affected the wrestling community, marking a significant loss.
  • A video surfaced showing JoJo Offerman and Liv Morgan enjoying a night out, which led to public scrutiny considering Offerman’s recent loss.
  • Amanda Huber strongly condemned the judgmental commentary, advocating for Offerman’s right to moments of happiness amidst grief.

In Their Own Words

“And 6 months ago Jojo remained living. F*** anyone who uses grief to create an unrealistic expectation of behavior. She deserves to find moments of happiness without weirdos on the internet running commentary. Seriously, f*** this mentality 👇” – Amanda Huber


The wrestling community often acts as an extended family, with its members supporting each other through personal trials. Amanda Huber’s vocal defense of Offerman is a testament to this bond and highlights the necessity of understanding and empathy in times of loss. It also reflects the complex process of grief, which can be misunderstood or oversimplified by outsiders.


While the public may never fully grasp the personal journeys of those in the spotlight, conversations like these are crucial. They remind us of the human aspects behind the personas and the importance of kindness and support.

Do you think the wrestling community should rally more strongly around its members in times of personal distress? Let us know in the comments section below!

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